The Lebanese Official Exams (SV/SG/SE/LH/Brevet) Results

It was a weird month this July. Apart from the unbelievable heat and the dismal electricity, among other things, my hometown didn’t have bursts of fireworks every 2 days starting mid July as students passed their official exams and either advanced to high school or to universities.

The official exam results were nowhere to be found. And I hadn’t given it much attention until I asked a friend whom I knew had sat for the exams back in early June if she passed or not and she said the results weren’t out yet.

But it’s August! I said. She shrugged. There was nothing the students could do.

It seems the teachers whose job was to correct the exam were on a strike. A strike against a government that refused to give them their lawful rights in wage increases whilst it gave those rights to the professors at the Lebanese University after they closed down said university for months last year.

This government – arguably the worst that has governed Lebanon in many years – apparently doesn’t care that there are students who don’t know if they can pay their enrollment at universities. They don’t care that there are students who might fail and with each passing day they lose hope of ever having a second round of exams soon. They don’t care that they’re literally ruining the life of teenagers whose only fault was to sit for an exam they were forced to take in this God-forsaken country.

The minister of education on the other hand apparently had the audacity to throw threats around. The fact that the results that should have been out early July weren’t out by early August wasn’t indicative enough for him to know exactly how horrible a job he’s doing. But no matter… the results will be out tomorrow, Saturday August 4th.

Starting in the afternoon, students can text their corresponding exam branch (SV/SE/LH/SG/Brevet) followed by their student number to 1070. SV (LS) and SG  (GS) results will be out tomorrow while the other ones will follow soon after.

So for instance if you are SV and your number is 20842 (that was mine back in 2007), you text: SV 20842 and you send it to 1070. You will get a reply with your result: whether you passed or not.

I have no idea if texting that number is free of charge or if it’ll cost students. I’m fairly certain it’ll the latter, adding insult to injury: they wait a month and a half for results that they will have to pay to get. Let’s jump on any way to make money off of people.

Good luck to all the students and for those who aren’t so lucky, it won’t be the end of the world.


21 thoughts on “The Lebanese Official Exams (SV/SG/SE/LH/Brevet) Results

  1. Correction, it comes out online first and is free. My cousin who took his exams told me this morning.

    I’m not defending the current government or anything, I really don’t give two shits about Lebanese politicians, but it REALLY annoys me to no end when you specifically over insult the current government. I’m not saying they’re doing a good job, fuck that shit they’re horrible, but it’s not like previous governments were better. You don’t need to add little sentences like ” arguably the worst that has governed Lebanon in many years” just because it’s not your “jame3a” who are running the show.

    I get it it’s your blog and it’s your opinions, but you need to be a bit more objective when presenting topics to gain your reader’s respect and keep your credibility.

    • So let me get this. They make a big deal out of it being available via phones and it’s still the same thing? You do know they’ve basically taken down the schoolnet website that was present back in my days, right?

      And we may agree to disagree but I think this is the worst government to grace our country in a long, long time and my political views have nothing to do with it. And I have no idea where you’ve seen me OVER insult the government. But yes, you are right. This is MY blog and it’s here to show my opinion, not to serve as a news agency for my readers. Those who don’t want to read my opinion on matters can simply not do so.
      Credibility is when you own up to your opinion and don’t hide behind nice rhetoric you don’t believe in to please everyone.

      And in case you missed it, perhaps you should check out the many posts where I criticized my own “jame3a” as you put it.

  2. You text to get your grade?? Haha am I the only one who thinks that is weird? (regardless if it’s free or not) its just odd to me. I’m used to the wee old interwebs for test scores,

    • Exactly. That schoolnet website was a pain. But at least you’d get all the details of your grade. I’m interested in seeing exactly how they will cope with the influx of texts.

  3. Another way to steal money wasted on “النتيجة لم تصدر بعد ” ! They should announce at what time Students can start sending SMS to get their results and not waste their credits on some bullshit !

  4. Is Schoolnet down or anything? Via text,the details are not available. How can anyone know his grades?
    I do agree with the blogger. It’s not enough that we have to wait for the results,we have to pay for them too,not knowing if we got 10 or 15..
    That’s repulsive.

  5. It’s not free. It costs 0.7 $
    I have to agree with the blogger. It’s not enough that we waited for the results all this time,we should pay for them too. But that’s not what’s annoying. Schoolnet is down,there’s no way for anyone to know the details of his grades. Some people are waiting for scholarships..That’s like mentally torturing the students. (Thx Dawleh)

  6. It was a fucken examination…everything was unacceptable,….. Anyone can say for me how in just 2 days all the written exams of (sv) section are corrected…am one of the students i was one of the best,but i did’nt pass ….. It was a shock for me. No more…..our government and the teachers are fucken,horny,animals…see by urself this is my nbr,55471:

  7. people plz, this government is bad and thats unequivocal, but the teachers r no saints either, their demands were ECONOMICALY IRRATIONAL, nevertheless the backed off and accepted a raise indipendant of the other sectors ( which is the only thing possible, where the hell will they get revenus ??!!) as for the college proffesers their contract was to ONLY WORK FOR SAID COLLEGE, unlike the highschool teachers who can work in 2 ,3, 4,,, 5 schools thus gaining MORE than a college proffesser, this raise will increase inflation and school fees, and decay the allready decaing government budget, as for grades they road the horse until it was dead and had to correct to thosands in 3 days, its natural the correction sucked…….as for sms dont just go to naharet or nour websites, all offer only the total but atleast u dnt pay for smthing thats available for free, dnt be lost in propaganda its the teachers faults, the government simply is …well a lebanese government wht do u expect ?!?!?!

  8. my number is 68459 i have relatives who open the exams and yesterday at night they told me i passed!!!for all mount lebanon brevet students the results will be announced today just send an sms to 1070 or 1060 🙂 gd luck u guys!!! 😀

  9. It is not the fault of the teachers if the government did not payed enough money. I am sorry for whoever who failed but it is not the teachers fault! Review your paper, the tests was tricky. Can you suggest me a site where I can get my grade? I am in mount Lebanon and my number is 65751 please answer if you have a way. Ellie fares your attitude toward the government is appropriate and I strongly I courage you to keep blogging. I do not usually read blogs but yours took my attention. Well job👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


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