Lebanon Described in 1870

This seems very familiar, right?
Some things may have changed. But the crux of it all is still the same.


It’s been 142 years and this still rings true. Should this sadden us? Or should this open up the eyes of those who are still blinded by the infinite quest towards national unity which will never happen?


Welcome to the republic of eternal fragmentation.

8 thoughts on “Lebanon Described in 1870

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  2. Very nice, that is another clue that the “Lebanese” people is not just one people, it is bunch of groups obliged to live together and every group is a unique people, therefore the solution is very clear: Make a Federal State !


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  4. I can give you reference dating back to even earlier times, the simple reason is that there was nothing called lebanon back then. It was a vague geographical term to a constantly changing boundary. I understand this might not be your point here, but just to be clear.



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