Mashrou3 Leila Not Opening for Red Hot Chili Peppers in Lebanon Anymore

I really don’t get the BDS movement people in Lebanon. Do they think what they’re doing is democratic or do they know what they’re doing is total nonsense? Mashrou3 Leila, even though I don’t like them, are not opening for Red Hot Chili Peppers this Thursday in Lebanon.

Why? Because RHCP have a concert in Tel Aviv on September 10th. Because, you know, f*ck logic.

It seems that artists forbidden from coming to Lebanon are not only those who have performed in Israel before but those who intend to do so later on. Because, as I said, f*ck logic.

When you figuratively tell a band that if they open for someone then they might as well be traitors, how different are you from the Israeli solider you are “supposedly” fighting against?

Not very different.

The fight against Israel can take many forms. What the Lebanese branch of BDS is doing is unacceptable. What the Lebanese BDS is doing is cultural terrorism and I wonder how much more we have to put up with it. Oh wait, they probably think I’m sleeping with the enemy  – fresh from France and all.

So I guess I better stop. They already think I’m a semi-traitor with me always being vehemently against them.

It’s not like opening for RHCP would be beyond great opportunity for any Lebanese band, regardless of who they are. But no. Bta3rfo, beddon y7arrero felestin. Because, as I said, f*ck logic.

As a result, no Lebanese band will get to do this without having “zionism” branded all over them. And as a result, Palestine will be liberated. Because, you know, f*ck logic.

13 thoughts on “Mashrou3 Leila Not Opening for Red Hot Chili Peppers in Lebanon Anymore

  1. You should support the BDS movement! Don’t you wanna help liberate Palestine so the refugees go back home and stop being a burden on the “Great Republic of Lebanon”? 
    I guess maybe not!? They are (refugees) living in such great conditions to a point of “No Return”. Oops maybe not…

    As an “Israeli arab” I have better rights in Israel then Palestinians living in an arab country such as Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. 

    Also, people being killed on a day in day out in Syria. Can’t you just hold your breath to party a little later? 
    It is not about sleeping with the enemy or
    F#€k logic… Its about solidarity! Or this isn’t compatible with your “logic”??


      • I am not asking you to lessen anything! But when Israel bombs the fuck out of you I will be the first one to celebrate! If you think the solution is to lessen your lifestyle then that is an utter ignorance. You ought to think outside the box especially for someone like you that traveled the world and knows one or two things about human rights! 

        You quoted an ARABIC MATHAL “e3ed b7edno w bientof bi da2no”
        It sounds like the conditions are so GREAT that they “bientof bi da2no” and you made me doubt myself & every news source and started to think that they are getting a “red carpet” treatment. what are they complaining about?. Lets not forget, the  conditions are terrible in all refugee camps in Lebanon and every arab country. Of course ra7 banatef bida2no if not getting my basic human rights! Take your car, drive into one and see for yourself how well off they are living! Please don’t think yourself immune from natural or man made disasters. The American saying goes “What goes around, comes around”…


    • Mr. ” i am an israeli Arab” <<< read again "I am an israeli arab". do i need to say more ???
      you call urself "Israeli Arab", you don't even call urself palestinian, and you come here and ask us to show solidarity with the people who fucked and destroyed our country for thousand years to come?? are you serious?
      you wanna reply to the above post by using the eternal palestinian cause and "Kods" and all this expired nonesense, here's what you should do: tear off your "first world" passport that allows you to travel anywhere without visas, get in your car, and drive to ramallah.
      otherwise, and as long as you call yourself "Israeli arab" and you hold the "megan david" passport, you have no right, giving lessons about patriotism or solidarity to anyone!!


  2. Really dumb move. I don’t even know any of mashrou3 Leila’s songs but I think they’re missing out on a great opportunity! They could be performing in front of a huge crowd they didn’t even dream of if it werent for RHCP!
    It’s not like all the Lebanese that are going to see RHCP are all traitors! Wtf Lebanese bands?!


    • The problem with the Israel drama is that you’re either with it or against it. Meaning if you go to the concert, the activists label you as an accomplice. If you don’t go then to them you’ve helped liberate Palestine.
      If a band like Leila, with all its hipstery following, doesn’t do the latter then it risks losing some of its fans. Little do they know that they just lost a huge opportunity to expose themselves to people who had never heard of them before.


  3. Al H. Nujeidat y do WE have to boycott by banning those bands and be called traitors and miss opportunities like these , by holding the flag of “freeing” palestine (which will never happen in our lifetime), while other arab countries bring the same bands and wont be called traitors ? by isolating ourselves we’re hurting nobody BUT us, let those bands boycott israel, its their will to do so, y ONLY us ??
    boycotting is by not going to the concert, not threatening them


  4. Microsoft, Google, Apple, the browser you are using, the internet, pretty much everything you use on day to day basis to promote cultural terrorism w la2tine el BDS min tarafa w mechyine is related to israel in a way or another. Do you know how many companies have operations in Israel and even factories/research labs in Israel? do you know who deals with the right to left alignment in most operating systems and search engines?

    Either you boycott everything or don’t. This pick and choose what suits you to boycott is the apogee of hypocrisy. Oh, and go ask Mashrou3 Leila if they know if some of the softwares and even musical instruments they use has to do with israel or not in a way or another.



  5. Why these symbolic actions? I cannot believe a member of the BDS really sleeps well at night realizing his or her actions were purely symbolic.

    If you seriously want to boycott Israel or those who do business with Israel then all companies who have direct or indirect business with Israel should be banned completely. All operating systems and other inventions which were invented by Israelis, in Israel or by other companies with establishments in Israel should be banned as well. Wasn’t this the policy in some Arab countries in the beginning? Either trade with Israel or trade with us.

    These boycotts seem to apply only where convenient, it just sounds really arbitrary to me. And cultural boycotts only lead to intellectual stagnation of those who boycott, not political change in Israel. The Israeli Left will realize once again that the pro-Palestine crowd is not interested in Israelis who are part of the peace movement, the Israel Right will see all these actions to justify their “siege mentality”.

    Will Lebanon or powerful organizations within Lebanon also ban Palestinian poets/artists/writers if they have an Israeli passport? Will the same happen to those who meet with Israel’s peace movement or Israelis who are actively involved in Palestinian human rights? After all if you go to Israel and eat a snack you support the local economy.

    There exists a lot of mutualism between the Israeli right and (Arab) activists like BDS. They empower each other every time they say they hate each other. And they know it.


    • Agreed. The only thing calling for band boycotts is leading to is making it harder for local bands to get places and making the country look like a bunch of xenophobes.
      They want to help the Palestinians? How about they start advocating for their rights on their home turf – you know, where a Palestinian can’t own land or get a job. Not that I approve :p



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