In Case You Had Any Doubt the iPhone 5 Is Going To Sell Like Hotcakes

Jimmy Kimmel is here to tell you that Apple’s new iPhone, regardless of what you think of it, will end up being a huge hit with consumers – in typical Apple fashion.

I think the new iPhone looks amazing. But it doesn’t give me this itch to upgrade like with previous updates to the world’s best smartphone. But make no mistake, I think this is the best phone that you can buy today – bar none… especially not that Galaxy SIII thing.

I don’t feel disappointed though because I think we’re at a point in technology where incremental updates are the way to go. The room to grow isn’t that roomy and drastic changes can’t happen yearly. Sure the iPhone 5 lacks some technologies which are available today. However,  I’d much rather not have new technology incorporated in the phone (NFC comes to mind) without it being entirely practical. Less clutter, more usability.

Why won’t I get it? Well, for one I am a student in a country where mobile carrier plans don’t exist so coughing up the full price for it doesn’t make sense to me when my 4S can do everything it does except in a different enclosure. I wouldn’t mind it as a gift though – my birthday is coming up in exactly two months *wink – 64GB, black – wink.*

For a complete rundown on the new iPhone, click here.

I think if you have any iPhone that’s older than the iPhone 4S, you’re due for an upgrade.

2 thoughts on “In Case You Had Any Doubt the iPhone 5 Is Going To Sell Like Hotcakes

  1. I must admit, i’ve been counting down the days for the release. I was pleased with the changes, but was expecting a little more. I’m definitely looking at buying it when my cap ends next year. Oh and 64gb in black definitely seems most appealing!


  2. Lol this video sums up what’s wrong with the majority of Apple fanboys – ignorance. Don’t get me wrong – I owned an iPhone for years now; but in all honesty it’s like Apple’s been struck with an innovation block. Also I believe the iPhone 5 is what the i4S should have been.



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