Remove Your Phone Number from True Caller App

Most of us have the “True Caller” app on our phones to let us know who’s behind those contact-less numbers we keep getting.

But I, for one, don’t like the app and I think it’s too intrusive. It uses your entire contact list and uploads the numbers, along with the contacts you have, to their servers for others to use for reference.

Paranoid people, of course, eat up True Caller. They absolutely have to know who’s that mystery person who keeps calling. If you’re not one of those people and don’t want your phone number to be searchable on that database, there is a solution for you.

In order to unlist yourself from the True Caller database, click on this link. It will make your phone number unsearchable.

The number has to be of the format +country code-phone number, i.e. a Lebanese number would be of the following form: +9613xxxxxx.

The unlisting is offered by the True Caller app itself and if enough people use it, it would eventually defeat the purpose of the app, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Though I don’t think many people will jump on this.

Anyway, I’ve unlisted myself. It’s your turn now.

Thank you Roudy for the link.

92 thoughts on “Remove Your Phone Number from True Caller App

    • You can keep the app. But your phone number won’t be available for other people to find.
      I’d remove the app though because it would be hypocritical to find others if you don’t wanna be found.

  1. I am more uncomfortable about the app adding my contacts to their database, I feel kinda guilty. But if I uninstalled this thing even then it would not be rectified, right? So what do I do? Can I unlist multiple nos. on their website?
    But I’d also like to add that its very useful for me. Being a girl I am often harassed by unknown callers and this app has helped me.

  2. i have called you several times and told you to unlist my number-so, this is last time before i see you in court. my number is on a do not call list-i have reported you to the attorney general-and if you call again-i will see you in court-remove my fucking number now!

  3. there is not my photo..
    on my number detail..
    Mihir Patel

    how can i change..?

    if u can..then remove it..

  4. My name showing on true caller is wrong it should be kamal only but its showing as kamal prop. Though I am notinto this property profession ; so my name should display as kamal or kamal chd

  5. I want to again list my number in truecaller .. Because i had unlisted my number by my mistake so now what should i do for this……

  6. i have a problem on true caller used to use sony xperia st27i and replaced it with htc x one and it tells me my phone number is not valid tho i clear the data n stil da same problem n i also uninstalled it again & reinstall it and stil the same problem hope i can get any usefull information u can send it to my email thanks🙂 .

  7. i want to remove my numbers, but the server is never responding. True caller ought to ask people to confirm before listing. This is infringement of privacy.

  8. i uploaded true caller and accidentally send a person for contact details. i deactivated, unlisted and deactivated the account. will that person get the message be able to contact me now ?

  9. I hv been fedup with cheap calls.i dnt understand how u guys share any no with any onethere s no security of ur no on this app.if u share my no without my permission. I vll case on this ultimatum fr this app.

  10. I hv been fedup with cheap calls.i dnt understand how u guys share any no with any onethere s no security of ur no on this app.if u share my no without my permission. I vll case on this app.nd its nt duplicate comment its my genuine problm so plz unlist my no.

  11. Hi i have uninstalled the app , used this unlist my number , but i am still getting calls to my phone that are from this app ie listed as spam and ringing through red , do you have any idea how i can stop this i have an iphone 5c

  12. Hello there ,,,I have a real caller app ,,I unlist myslef by mistake and now I really want my number to be added to the app so is it possible !!!😦

  13. remove my number as well as my name from truecaller right away once I unstalled the app your were supposed to automatically remove my NUM and my name plz do so


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