Insulting May Chidiac

To say these people are retarded would be an insult to those who were born with mental deficits.

To say they are worthless bitches would be an insult to all female dogs everywhere, including those ugly Chihuahuas.

To say these people have half of their brain missing would be an insult to all types of brain pathological atrophies.

To say these people are scum would be an insult to garbage.

The people I’m referring to are those who found it nice and interesting to insult May Chidiac. Why? Because she was considering running for parliamentary elections in 2013. Where? In the “stronghold” of their leader, Keserwan.

I was under the impression Keserwan wasn’t the property of any political leader, let alone someone who originally hails from Beirut’s Southern suburb. But I may be mistaken. After all, to them I’m a Maronite from Batroun who’s just angry his Maronitism is of a second degree compared to our neighbor to the South.



I have something to say to these people who find it okay to call a person who survived an assassination attempt, losing half her limbs in the process, a half human. I don’t wish these people ill – i.e. I don’t wish upon them a car accident that would mutilate them and get them into a course of physiotherapy and surgical operations that would take more than 7 years. What I do wish for these people is a brain with the mental capacities of a ten year old. Maybe then they can actually know the severity of the garbage they’re uttering.

Nicóle Bekhaazi – walaw at the Ó? – Elias Aoun, Ghosn Joe, the 69 people who “liked” Nicóle’s picture and the countless others who agree with them and with whom we’ve all had fights about this same issue are irrelevant. And I wish they  hadn’t gotten the attention they so desperately wanted. But they did. And here I am trashing them. Frankly, I felt like insulting them. I felt like giving them a taste of their own medicine. I felt like attempting to sink down to their level for a moment but I still have a long way to go to reach their low.

Why do I want to do that? Because people like them are not people you can talk to. They are people you talk down to.

On the other hand, there’s the semi-official stance of the Lebanese Forces via their Facebook page. This stance basically called all Aounists stupid.

And this is also beyond unacceptable. You do not call people who differ from you politically stupid just because you don’t agree with them – except the people insulting May Chidiac. Not all Aounists are like that – regardless of whether you agree or not with their politics. And this coming from the Facebook page of one of Lebanon’s leading parties makes this a transgression that cannot be ignored.

The Lebanese Forces need better moderators for their Facebook page: ones that know right from wrong and what can be posted on such pages and what cannot. They could have stopped at saying “May Chidiac is a line you cannot cross.” And it would have had the desired impact.

On the other hand, the insults also made it to LBC news. And I find it very professional of them that they discussed this knowing that she doesn’t work with them anymore.

Bel 3arabe l mshabra7, khara ha heik 3alam. Tfeh. 


12 thoughts on “Insulting May Chidiac

  1. May isn’t really very moderate with her opinions and insults a lot of people , though of course this doesn’t justify mocking her or her disability in any way , or Classifying or Generalizing against the people who did so like LBC did . LBC kind of accused the whole supporter base too . it is just what some people posted on facebook or twitter , people get worse inuslts everyday ma daroore n3eesha


    • People aren’t supposed to all be moderate. She had half her body blown up – the least she can do is voice an opinion, regardless of how harsh that is. What have the people insulting her done lately? Yup, updated their Facebook status.
      We’re not “n3eesha.” I made it clear I do not accuse the entire Aounist base but of course it’s not LF people who are saying this. Some things are fairly obvious.
      And no, there are no “worse” insults you can tell to a person who lost half her limbs.


  2. I had to look her up, hadn’t heard of her before. The things she did to recover physically and mentally is more than most people do who have no disabilities. I guess most people would crawl in a corner instead of showing so much courageous defiance. I don’t know much about her views but the mentality itself is admirable.


    • I’d say you’d agree with her views. But yes, regardless of that, the courage is admirable and anyone who says differently is to be grouped with the people I spoke about here. I.e. shitheads.


  3. I still can’t understand how someone can actually do that, walaw? What the f*** was she thinking about? What was the point?
    Ba3den does running for elections gets responded to by this? Wein 3ayshin?
    I’m not a big fan of May but you can’t but respect what she has been through only for speaking and defending her opinions! Seriously ma 3am bestaw3ib, w how many likes and shares, are they like 9 years old?!
    They are about to “remember” October 13th, how ironic really… What a picky memory they have!
    Maybe May is the one who killed and kidnapped their people that day, and maybe she is still holding and torturing the detainees they forgot about long time ago!
    Tfeh 3anjad


  4. May Chidiac is a burden even of Lebanese Forces. She is racist and hates Muslims, Aounists and whoever disagrees with her political opinions. Insulting her as a person or an injurred victim is wrong, yet being a victim of terrorosim doesn’t make her a national hero or a project of a Parliamentary member (as much as farfetched this is), whose main job is to enact laws.

    For earning respect, she msut be respectfull herself


  5. حدا بيتذكر إنو مي شدياق كانت مهيجة عا سمير جعحع وعملت إنهيار أعصاب لما تزوج ستريدا؟ هيدي شغلة معروفة عنها



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