Tzipi Livni’s Sex Scandal

Who can forget Tzipi Livni’s face? She was the most highlighted Israeli politician for years and years – even trumping the prime ministers she was serving.

Well, Tzipi Livni is back. And she’s coming loose.

It seems that Livni, being a former Mossad agent, had ways to extract information and blackmail people. And it wasn’t beneath her to use her womanly abilities to their full potential.

Livni is apparently the type of many Arab politicians with who she has had affairs in order to blackmail them later on with the threat of exposing the affair. It seems that Tzipi isn’t against using sex to get information which may benefit Israel. Her behavior was also approved by a rabbi who believes Israeli women should be permitted to use their bodies in order to help their state.

Livni, however, hasn’t revealed any names – sadly. The question to be asked now is: Have any Lebanese politicians gotten in her pants? And if yes, which is not improbable, then who?

20 thoughts on “Tzipi Livni’s Sex Scandal

  1. Pictures or it didn’t happen! Israeli intelligence have used sex as a tool from the beginning, but it’s not their first choice. There are plenty of good books about this. Though the most spectacular achievements didn’t come to be this way, like getting the Syrians to plant trees around their bases. I think the first choice will always be replaceable locals looking for money or those who are disenfranchised.

    Anyway I prefer her over Bibi and especially Lieberman. I attended a “lecture” of the latter and that didn’t make me comfortable. By the way, which rabbi? You can get certain rabbis to approve anything. πŸ˜›


    • I want those pictures too! Names wouldn’t hurt as well. I think all intelligence use sex as an option to extract information. And it works, especially with sexually repressed people like the Arabs.

      I don’t know the Rabbi’s name. I will look into it – not sure how these Jewish “fatwas” work :p


      • I don’t know about the sexual repression of Arabs, but I take your word for it. πŸ˜›

        I guess she got approval from the head rabbinate. You have these ultra-Orthodox rabbis who come with the strangest laws, like a rule to smash the new Iphone because it endangers religious life.


      • Well I figured many were, but never really put much thought into it. I read many Saudis visit Israeli porn sites, for example. Nothing I can really do about that, since I am in a comitted relationship.

        I think it’s pretty stupid, I imagine myself to be some dude with sensitive information, I wouldn’t give it to the nearest crypto-Jew offering blowjob services. Anyway, maybe you got your sources wrong, it was Ehud Barak who dressed up as a woman and went to Beirut. Maybe they are actually the same person!


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