Happy Thanksgiving My Fellow Lebanese!

We celebrate Halloween. We celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Why not this?

I personally believe that Thanksgiving would be an awesome addition to our roster of national holidays. Never mind that we have no business in celebrating it but I want to anyway. Shou we2fet 3leih? 

And why not get Canadian thanksgiving too?

So I have received a pumpkin pie recipe from my favorite American. Sadly though, we don’t have the ingredients here. Bummer :/

And doing that turkey thing we see in movies is way too complicated for someone as amateurish as I am when it comes to cooking. But thank you Classic Burger Joint for the concern in bringing the holiday over!

I guess I’ll just go around telling everyone happy thanksgiving and thanking our native people whoever they are for all the blessings on this day. If only our shops agree to do Black Fridays too!

So here it is: HAPPY THANKSGIVING LEBANON! We are working on transferring our independence day to July 4th where we’ll have barbecues, pledge allegiance to the flag and set up awesome firework displays 😀

8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving My Fellow Lebanese!

  1. Elie! We do have the ingredients to make pumpkin pie here in lebanon, my family makes one each year 😀 I found imported lakteen cans in my local supermarkets for baking.



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