Tania Saleh Fundraiser Concert for World AIDS Day


The Lebanese Medical Students International Committee – LeMSIC in short – will be holding a fundraiser concert by Tania Saleh on December 15th, as part of its World AIDS Day awareness campaign.

The concert’s revenue will go to the HIV/AIDS fund of one of LeMSIC’s committees that’s involved in reproductive health which will then help HIV positive Lebanese patients get CD4 counts, which is not covered by the ministry of health or by Lebanese insurance companies.

A CD4 count determines the stage of the disease. The lower it is, the worse a person’s status is. It’s a mark of how far HIV has gone in destroying a person’s immunity and it is one of the criteria used to determine whether a patient has reached a state of AIDS or not, which would in turn affect the patient’s treatment options. The test itself is not cheap at all and many patients cannot afford one on their own.

Tickets prices are as follows: $20 if you are a medical student who’s a member of LeMSIC. $25 if you’re a non-member medical student and $35 for non-medical students.

And in case you’re worried, the concert will not comprise any medical lectures.

The Facebook link for the event in case you’re interested: click here.


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