The Disgusting Men of Lebanon

You’d think that in 2013, the least you could expect not to find is men in Lebanon who ridicule the struggle of our country’s women to be able to secure themselves and their children. But what can you expect from a country in which marriages of met3a and maysar and underage girls are absolutely legal while civil marriage causes a fatwa of apostasy.

It would have been more honorable of the mufti to issue a fatwa against the mentality of some of our country’s men.

The following image is something I have seen many men jump around on Facebook as a reply to the letter sent to Nabih Berri by a Southern Lebanese woman who was afraid for her life after the domestic abuse she had to go through.


Yes, these people exist. And many of them might be people that we actually know: who believe that women’s rights in this country should be non-existent. She is there to please and feed and breed. They are also more numerous than we want to believe.

We, as Internet users and people who fall mostly on the “liberal” side of the Lebanese spectrum, want to think we are a majority in the way we think and act. We want to believe that the majority of the country has similar ideologies. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The even sadder realization is that even if the proposed law passes, which is unlikely given some of the illiterate greatness we have in parliament, it will do little to protect the women of a state where applying laws is belittled, frowned upon and ridiculed.

They say a goat is lucky to find a resting place in Mount Lebanon. A goat, yes, but not a woman. Steer clear from here and some of its ridiculously stupid men.


5 thoughts on “The Disgusting Men of Lebanon

  1. what freedom do you want? to be able to imitate American women? ( natural born sluts) or to be able to act sexually wild ? i cannot understand it! what freedom and rights? u got all the rights? what is that you need women? place a cock between ur legs? or be married from a man and having a best best friends as a male on the other side? or maybe you wanna join the special forces thinking women are equal to men? you were born with one function breed and one talent organizing . you women should be givin the most important ministries the education the health and such but for gods sake do not bash against lebanese men? seems you like a foreign cock? maybe you feel jealous from American women having this destructive freedom and you wanna be like them , chou behon lebanese men? bidalon a7san from lebanese women! yaleh 3andon big tendency to cheat at the first corner and terkib 2roun! lebanese men are not discusting , on the contrary lebanese women are the most discusting, mentally physically etc,.shaklik ya lesbian ya rakkibet 2roun ya we7deh khalsa la rabba 7ebba t2alid neswen europe wo usa thinking this is the right freedom to claim
    ro7eh tshtafeh plz wo tej rasik lebanese men!

    l3ama iza wa7ad 3atakon wej bterkabo , hala2 balllashto bel mosewet ( sheyfin b amerca wo europe el mosewet chou 3emleh bel mojtama3) 3ohor wo khiyenet wo araf wo kezeb wo nafe2 wo sharmata! bukra betsiro badkon talbo eno ta3emlouleh wa7ad la zawejkon b 7ejjet yeee leh howeh bya3milleh bel ta5et ana ma ba3millo!

    b usa a female judge 7abaset 40 dump women claiming to have the right to be topeless same like men when they take off their tshirts! shefteh ya mazloumeh el mosewet chou ra7 ta3mol fikon? ba2a ndabbeh wo htammeh b woledik wo ma tjarbeh tel3abeh dor el dakar wo iza mish mzawajeh ro7eh 3ishi b usa or europe badal ma dallik b hal balad yaleh eme3lik 7orritik el fekriyeh wol jensiyeh wo ana wese2 eno 3andik maweheb ktireh
    aw shifilik chi nous rejjel european trakbilo arnen wo testelmi!


    • @orphan
      You know before you go calling American women naturally born sluts you should get over your superior macho bullshit. I am a Naturally born American woman and my husband a Naturally born Lebanese man and i will let you in on a little secret. I would never do anything to bring embarrassment or shame to husband or his family because i love him not because he’s some arrogant asshole. Just an FYI Mr know it all, before we were married i was not a slut either because i was raised to have respect for myself and my body. So basically you’re an ignorant pig who deserves to “breed” with pigs as well. When my husband and i decide to have children it will be because we both want to and one of us is ready to put our careers on hold. That’s right Mr Orphan i said ONE of us.. And before you go there my husband is very much a dominant Lebanese man, born and raised in Lebanon. However he’s also not a stupid man he has learned to compromise and bet your ass he’s one of the most respected, loved, and happiest men you will ever be so lucky as to meet.



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