Lebanon’s 134 MPs

Because 128 MPs was a strange number. Because minorities need to be represented. Because a country of slightly south of 4 million must have a tiny voter to MP ratio. Because there’s no need for common sense. We now have 134 MPs.

And what a beautiful proposition that is. I read somewhere that Samy Gemayel is the mastermind behind such a proposal. He must be so proud of himself, I bet. And for good reasons too! I’m more than sure that Mr. Gemayel didn’t think of the brilliantly smart repercussions that his proposal has. So let me illustrate them for him:

  1. Less unemployment! 6 more people will now enter the parliament. That’s 6 more people with a job – or not, perhaps, since parliament does nothing over here except bicker like high school drama queens.
  2. More millionaires! Constant paychecks till the day they die? Sign them up! The queue is already stretching till Timbuktu.
  3. Minorities ❤ ❤
  4. Did I mention minorities?

What a shame though that the extra seats won’t have any for us Maronites. This is totally unacceptable. But I’m willing to let it slide seeing as for the first time in a long, long time our country’s politicians agreed on something. This is an unbelievable feat in itself seeing as they won’t agree on a way to vote for these extra people. They agreed to increase the numbers of their kind. How far-fetched. How honorable. How selfless, how holy, how riveting, how *insert sublime adjective of choice.* Instead of voting for 126 empty chairs, we are now voting for 134.

Because minorities that’s why. That’s the only reason why anyone would want to commit to this step. And if you speak against this, then you are targeting all those Lebanese minorities whose future is in jeopardy in the country of minorities.

You can go on and on and analyze this step that our governing bodies decided upon in a “serious” tone. You can tear the fact that this is maybe the only part of the “Orthodox Gathering” law which will actually pass. But when it comes to a country of unparalleled absurdity, the only way to address things is through silliness.

The American congress has 435 members for a country of more than 300 million. But Lebanon is a case of special needs. So because 128 geniuses were not enough, we now have 134.


15 thoughts on “Lebanon’s 134 MPs

  1. My opinion is that every province of Lebanon should have 1 member in the parliament. It is more than insane that a country with major debt like Lebanon pays for 128 politicians (an insane amount of money) and now has to pay for 134. Also, since members of the same party all vote in the same direction why should they have more than 1 member? Its such a waste of money and a major impediment for the economy of Lebanon.


  2. Maronites already have 34 seats which is now still 6 more seats than the 2nd biggest sect (28 for Sunnis and Shi’ite ) 😛 Couldn’t have happened


  3. The situation has gotten miserable. But I expect nothing less from such a ruling class. Lol I was saying the other day the number of MPs should decrease :p


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  5. You know, with all do respect, but I think that thank to people such as yourself, Lebanon will sadly stay USELESS! Good job! I hope you enjoy it!


    • With all due respect, if you approve of increasing the MP number then you are the reason why the Lebanon will remain “USELESS.”
      With all due respect as well, if you are against increasing the MP number then your terribly poor reading skills are a major reason why Lebanon will remain “USELESS.”

      Enjoy both scenarios.



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