The Phoenicians Discovered America?

Move over Mr. Columbus, our ancestors are in the house.

According to this article by CNN (link), our good old Phoenicians may have beat Christopher Columbus to discover good old (or new) America by about 2000 years.

Our Cedar trees have wood that is strong enough to build a boat that could withstand the 10,000 km journey. The Phoenicians, being cunning sailors, have the expertise required for the voyage – and a British man is set to prove this is, indeed, the case.

The theory has its detractors of course.

Either way, it seems like the alphabet may not be the only important thing the original inhabitants of Lebanon discovered and offered the world.

This should definitely prove to be some valuable information for all our Phoeniciaphilic Lebanese.

7 thoughts on “The Phoenicians Discovered America?

  1. I find Phoenician and Punic history very interesting . My own presumed ancestors were barely capable of controlling much more than a few huts in a swampland. But this Atlantic adventure sounds like pseudohistory 101 to me. Even so, as long as you did not conquer, exploit, uproot and/or annihilate the natives you do not deserve to sit around the table of true discoverers!

    Thanks for the alphabet and purple dye though. The former for making people smart, the latter for making people look fabulous in bathrobes.


    • Yes you’re right. My ancestors had no military power – similarly to their descendants – so they border on the irrelevant. We don’t even know the detailed history of the Phoenicians. They focus more on Pharaohs and Greeks in our curriculum, which is very sad actually.

      I also literally LOL’ed at the bathrobe line 😛 You’re welcome.


  2. I’ve read this theory before. Won’t change things – it is known that Columbus was second at best to reach ‘Merica, no?



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