Bershka Lebanon Insulting The Virgin Mary

A friend of mine just sent my way the following shirt being sold by Bershka Lebanon for 49,000:

Bershka Shirt Lebanon Christianity - 1 Bershka Shirt Lebanon Christianity - 2

The shirt called Lady of Skulls features a Virgin Mary-esque image that cannot, even with the most out-of-the-box approaches, not be considered as a distortion of many Christians icons of Mary

I am not the most sensitive person when it comes to religious jabs. In fact, I think we need some of them more often so people can light off a little. Caricatures or comedic approaches to some religious symbols might be acceptable – they are to me – but demonizing religious holy figures for the sake of having fun such as in this case is, quite frankly, unacceptable. I find it revolting and offensive.


It’s not about freedom of expression or freedom to wear whatever you want. This isn’t a book I’m saying you should not be reading or a movie you shouldn’t be watching or a website you shouldn’t be exposed to. It’s about respecting other people’s beliefs to the point where you don’t shove a picture that is clearly offensive up their faces just because someone out there thought it was fashionable enough to be worn.

Perhaps this is acceptable in countries where views towards religion is more liberal but the only thing this will lead to here is tension because of a silly and quite frankly hideous shirt.

This isn’t how you advance communities towards religious liberalism and breed tolerance, love, peace for all and a bunch of other cliches. Good job Bershka Lebanon.

It seems a Santa Muerte shrine is opening in Lebanon soon. (Link)
Virgin Mary standing on crescent moon


42 thoughts on “Bershka Lebanon Insulting The Virgin Mary

    • To “woody”: Your pure ignorance is so strong on this one that I am reminded, yet again, of how the bigotry and intolerance of the small yet dangerous wave of athiesm and moral-less ideology is trying to poison our children. Ridiculing another person’s beliefs and attacking a holy belief does not make you ‘civil’. It only makes you, and shows other how poisonous and wicked your bigot moral-less ideology is.

      • Why say so? What makes you so sure that God is not angered and I’m so ignorant about it? Your accusations are as baseless as your character and integrity.

      • Does it matter that it was rejected or not by the Catholic church? She’s an incredibly popular figure within the general population within the Latino community. At the end of the day you have the choice of buying this t-shirt or not, obviously you’re not going to be buying it.

        What I find amusing is blogposts such as these make these “controversial” items even more popular than they originally were. Pretty sure Bershka is glad you’re publicizing this.

        • Bershka might be glad for the publicity… Though I was a loyal customer before, and now I’m not gonna buy anything until this shirt is banned…And I am very glad that blogs are writing about it cz otherwise I wouldn’t have known and continued supporting firms and crazy designers who disrespect my religion.

        • So popular people have murdered victims to sacrifice to her for power. Ridiculous. And since when is it politically correct to disfigure and corrupt others’ religious icons?

      • yes please do some research before posting nonsense and a waste of time article, this shirt is not even sold in Lebanon. it was found on bershka’s website, and being offended by it, is offensive.

  1. So you all know who Santa Muerte is now… Very exciting. You are all very cultivated.

    *Sarcasm for those who are so cultivated they can’t even notice*

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    • If you don’t consider anyone/anything holy it doesn’t mean that someone can consider them diabolic and represent them with skulls.
      And for me, it doesn’t matter if it’s Santa Muerte or any other Saint, because the print clearly shows the holy spirit, the hand gestures of praying and the symbols of an icon… So it definitively offenses Christian religion.
      Is there any page on fb or campaign to ban this thing, I wanna join or I will create one!

      • I don’t believe in anything satanic either. But I recognize that people may feel differently about this. If Lebanon wants to ban this then they should go ahead. The shirt is tasteless, lacks any form of class and above all I am not really a big fan of “provoke to provoke”. Historically, my family’s origin is strongly Calvinist but I am a staunch secularist. I do not accept the notion that religion may somehow not be offended or ridiculed. I will not participate in the ridicule on this level but I do not believe any set of values, ideas and belief in the supernatural should enjoy more protection than the other ideas. It’s not like we’re talking about racial incitement here.

        You think banning stuff is the way to go because Christianity was offended? So if Christianity or any other religion offends someone, something or some group we ban them too? What bogus. But I’ll repeat, I do find this shirt a classless act.

  3. Everyone’s a Santa whatever expert now?
    The picture on the shirt looks more like Our Lady of Guadelope’s icon. Either way, the author of this article is simply pointing out the shirt and saying he finds it offensive. I don’t see why people feel the need to call him ignorant.

  4. Looking at the big picture here, not only should we blame Bershka/Azadea … at the end of the day they lost customers for they didn’t check the order so they kinda paid the price.
    But what about the Lebanese customs authorities, shouldn’t they be inspecting products coming in? It’s a shame … kermelna la wara

  5. I think Lebanon is facing more important issues at the moment. Therefore the press should focus on REAL problems instead of wasting our time with insignificant and shallow news!

  6. Why do we always end up insulting each other in each discussion on any topic?! Sara7a ya jame3a, calling someone shit, idiot or ignorant doesn’t make your argument any more valid, even if you deeply feel it does.

    We Lebanese also have become far too attached to old religious symbols and their superficial meaning, and we consider un-religious any deviance from them. In many cultures, using skulls and the dead are a form or artistic expression and questioning of things, including of religious dogma. Since when the Catholic church had anything valid to say about this? It and all its representations are themselves dogma which are way past due to be questioned. And anyone is free to do so in the way they see fit. ‘respect and ‘insult’ are relative concepts.

    Although you’re obviously in your right to publicly criticize and dislike this T-shirt, I think the title of your post is off mark. If you don’t like the t-shirt don’t buy it and I guess you know what its wearer stands for.

    @Bershka you should be part of this conversation. and everyone please stop the insults.

  7. I actually just called Bershka to reserve for me the tank top and they told me that they are not even allowed to bring it into Lebanon. So two things: 1. People are retards and make a big drama out of something that isn’t even here. and 2. Damn our country for not letting them bring in that top to Lebanon 😛

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  9. You’re behaving exactly like the muslims who burned embassies after the Prophet’s caricature. This is beyond bigotry.
    You find it offensive? Don’t buy it.

    • Hi Rachel. So bigotry to you is someone being offended by a shirt, writing about it and stopping at that without even calling for its removal from Lebanese market?

      Good to know you have your priorities in check,

      Two words: bite me.

  10. As an Atheist I say: bring it on. Let the faithful masses be shocked. Zap their brains with distasteful imagery. Hopefully they will realize how idiotic their beliefs are.

    You want respect you morons? How about the millions of victims that died at the hands of religious zealots through the ages? Where is the respect for *those* victims?

    Religious zealots deserve every single ridicule. They thought their “gods” are going to protect them while burning their enemies in hell. The information age has turned their lives upside down.

    You can’t hide from science and knowledge anymore. Enjoy the ride to your own imagined hell.

  11. How is portraying the Virgin Mary with a skull face and hands demonizing? EVERYONE, yes even the Virgin herself, had a skull under her skin. What you should be worried about is all these people criticizing someones beautiful artwork. To call anyone’s artwork wrong is pretty shitty of you. So suck on that.


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