LBC’s New TV Show: Splash!

I get competition shows that are centered around singing or dancing. I may not be a fan or watch them but at least I can fathom their premise.

Then comes Splash! also known as LBC is really desperate for a hit TV show à la Dancing With The Stars.

The TV show will start this coming Sunday. It has been adopted from the UK version which ranked only #16 weekly among British TV shows. Not impressive at all. And yet Splash! is here.

A few Lebanese celebrities will be competing against each other in diving. That’s what the show is all about. Lame? You bet. Silly? An even surer guess. What’s the point? I guess it’s still better than airing AUD’s graduation ceremony on Sunday, Roula Saad – Star Academy’s person – has been without a TV show for a while now and there will be public voting, obviously. Money, money, money!
And there’s of course seeing Nancy Afiouny in a bikini. I sure want to see her meow, meow. If you know what I mean.

The candidates, also known as celebrities whose days have passed and want a career reboot, include:
– Nancy Afiouny
– Nelly Makdessy
– Arze Chidiac
– Antoinette Akiki
– Katia Keady
– Nicole Tohme
– Rita Hayek
– Laurette Hnayno
– Elie Massaad
– Salah Tizani
– Rodolphe Hilal
– Naser Abou Lafy
– Sevag Demerjian
– Wajih Saker
– Silvio Chiha

Yes, I have no clue what most of those “celebrities” do and yes, there will definitely be cannonballs.

Our TV stations are adamant about bringing growingly lamer TV shows from abroad just to create some buzz. Will you be watching Splash!?
Somehow the thought of most of those people doing twirls before they splash everyone is getting less and less appealing by the second.

Thank you @Joseph__Saade for the info.

10 thoughts on “LBC’s New TV Show: Splash!

  1. En plus ce show a fait un gros “splash” en France cet été… et a touché le fond de la piscine 😛
    It is soooo lame and boring! First they show you a 10min video of the celebrity rehearsing for the jump, then you wait for 10 more minutes while the celebrity is getting prepared, steps on the 5m height platform, tries to jump, steps back, tries again, steps back, and finally just throws herself in the water like a 5 year old because she’s too afraid to dive in properly, gets a 9/10 for her courage, and then sits on the bench while a new report on a new celebrity is aired… AND THAT’S WHAT THE SHOW IS ABOUT!
    Halla2 i guess it will have moe success in the arab world than in Europe, because you know, GIIIIIRLS IN BIKINIIIIIS (AND MEN IN TINY BATHING SUITSSSSS!)


  2. I don’t get why all participants in competition shows are celebrities nowadays. Bring back the normal people who would actually wanna have fun and are much more entertaining.
    This show seems to be shit. Thankfully I don’t have a tv :p


  3. Haha… they just finished a series of that here in AU… It was called Celebrity Splash – Not too bad 😛


    Ray Frangie


  4. A variation of this show is also fairly popular in Germany, so not that special or “weird”. Although in Germany it might be because it’s under one umbrella show brand (TV Total) which is generally quite succesful, rather than due to the show itself. (The same show brand also does stock car racing, poker, boxing, a political discussion game show, a music contest and some other things with the same team of moderators and a changing set of German B- and C-celebs and artists, so sometimes you get the feeling that it doesn’t even matter what they do…)


  5. Its pathetic how people can get jealous because this work was achieved in 2 month and I am sure no TV station could do that.
    First of all yes the concept may seem boring and stupid but as you watch TF1’s Splash & and its success you realise that Lebanese people are the one who adore critiquing, because comparing to TF1 and ABC who are #1 TV stations too, it was produced in a very very creative way to entertain families. I repeat it was done in 2 month…
    As for the Roula Saad point of view.. you’re totally wrong recheck your info she had several programs such as Miss Lebanon 2012 (who was a success too) & Celebrity Duets facing Dancing With The Stars (broke the record of ratings). It is clear that you’re not familiar with how this industry works, or you’re used to corruption and people who’ll do anything for money.. No one gets money from the Voting, its a company (don’t know exactly which one)

    There’s a difference between being desperate and being competitive as LBC is used to be “Sebe2a” in everything.. Shame on you cause you don’t deserve anything!
    But no matter what you do or say LBC will always be #1


  6. Very good program
    A need a favor from you if it’s possible to show me from where you brought all you suits and espacialy the thing you on your nose when dive the small plastic in a way you prevent water to enter in your head i need a # ok
    Thanks in advanced



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