Lana Del Rey Coming To Lebanon For The Byblos International Festival on July 10th

Lana Del Rey Byblos Festival Lebanon


It’s OFFICIAL (link)

According to Frodo’s Blog who has been actively leaking major performers throughout the past several months, the rumors about Lana Del Rey coming to the Byblos festival this year are true.

The singer who’s famous for her melodramatic songs will be coming to Lebanon as part of the aforementioned festival for a concert on July 10th, beyond her showing up for the opening of Skybar on May 30th.

I’m not a fan of Lana Del Rey but I’m actually surprised the organizers of any festival in Lebanon were able to draw in such a currently “in” name to come perform here. I expect this to be the most hyped concert of the summer, if no other surprises happen.

For those who don’t know who Lana Del Rey is, you may recognize her sultry voice from the most depressing songs you encounter on Lebanese radio (if you listen to it). The songs that I know and which I believe are good enough are the following:

Born To Die:

And The Great Gatsby song, Young & Beautiful:

You can check out ALL of the lineup for the Byblos Festival here.


6 thoughts on “Lana Del Rey Coming To Lebanon For The Byblos International Festival on July 10th

  1. I’ve liked the Byblos Festival Facebook page about three or four years ago. Every year around the announcement of their lineup, they get active and start throwing teasers here and there. What’s interesting this year is that they’ve taken teasing to a whole new level, and i truly hope that it isn’t just a marketing scheme to draw attention.

    Lana Del Ray’s show will most definitely be something to talk about this summer, no questions asked, but rumors about still other performers might steal the kight away from it. I’m pretty sure come tuesday afternoon we’d all have something to talk about.



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