Touch’s Network Not Working & No Fix In Sight

You’d be kidding yourself if you said you could live without your phone nowadays. Now imagine that you had full reception and thought there was nothing wrong with your phone… except people had been trying to call you for hours and all they got was a busy signal or line blocked notification.

I’m not a Touch user. But a friend of mine is one of the many Touch users affected. And her story is one that needs to be told, hopefully someone out there decides to expedite attempts to fix the problem, if any attempts are actually underway.

Here is the story.

2 months ago, several people tried to call my friend’s phone only to get a signal that her line was off. However, she wasn’t notified of any calls even though her phone was active, 3G and all. It wasn’t a constant problem, it would appear sporadically and she didn’t know about it until the people that tried calling her met up with her in person.

She then called Touch’s support center. The employee decided that it was a problem with her brand new iPhone 5. I guess blaming the phone is the way to go. So in order to make sure it wasn’t a sim-card issue, she went ahead and replaced it with a nano sim straight out of Touch, hoping it was cutting the sim part that posed the problem. The employee there said it will definitely solve her problem.

Things were working for a while. It could have been the nano sim or that no one reported problems trying to contact her. The trouble-free duration lasted for a week. So when she started having trouble again, she decided to visit the Touch center again and went through several supervisors, the last of which told her the following:

  • It was a problem they’ve been having for the past 3 months and they didn’t know about it if it weren’t for the huge amount of complaints they received.
  • It doesn’t affect all Touch customers (she gave a 40% figure) and is device independent, meaning the iPhone 5 is not to blame.
  • The supervisor automatically assumed my friend is jobless and told her that other people with jobs have it worse. Because your phone matters are only important if you have a job.
  • When asked what my friend can do to fix it, the supervisor suggested to try calling someone every two hours in order to keep her line “registered” on the network. Then keep doing as such every two hours.
  • When asked if Alfa is having such issues, the supervisor said she doesn’t know. What she knows is that her network is affected.
  • When asked when the issue will be fixed, she said: we don’t know.
  • How is it acceptable for such a problem to be taking place for over 3 months with no fix in sight on Lebanon’s biggest network, I don’t know.


    6 thoughts on “Touch’s Network Not Working & No Fix In Sight

    1. well, that’s weird… i for one cannot complain: the switch from Alfa to Touch was the best thing I ever considered ^^


    2. Well i guess their prob is a little more serious then this! I had my 3g off, my phone away in my bag and still i received in a matter of like 30 mins 12 msgs that i have reached my consumption limit! And to top it all no one would answer your call to the 111 hopefully they will fix this problem soon…


    3. I had the biggest problem with Touch and it lasted almost a year. During each phone call I would make or receive, 5 to 10 seconds in the call, the line would start to break, and I couldn’t hear anything at all. I changed 3 phones and 3 sim cards, and the people working in Touch kept telling me each time a different story, either it’s because of where I live doesn’t get good coverage (Jounieh) or because my phone is too old or too new or whatever. I had to pay each month an extra 50$ on my bill just because I needed to do the same phone call at least 3 times before I can actually get to say what I wanted. This was happening all over Lebanon not only in Jounieh and it drove me and everyone who wanted to contact me crazy. I spent days at the Touch main office going from booth to booth telling the same story again and again and in the end the best thing they could come up with was: ‘fi techwich 3a khatik, ma mna3ref le, ma fina na3mel chi’. I guess the aliens were following me or something.

      And what’s even worse is that I left the country for 1 month, came back only to find my line is not working anymore, that I lost the 100$ I put when I decided to make it post-paid and that I have to pay another 100$ if I want to get it back.

      This is when I decided to leave Lebanon.
      The end, Mr. Sehnaoui.


    4. I had a samsung galaxy grand for like 3 weeks, and a new software update came so i installed it and since then it says on my phone not registered on a network and im a touch user i cant call or do anything plz help



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