Nemr Abou Nassar vs LBCI

A lot of people absolutely adored Nemr Abou Nassar’s recent 20 minute rant against LBC and the situation in Lebanon that LBC somehow represents through their misrepresentation of an award show.

After all, aren’t the best kinds of pep talks those carried about by people financially better than 95% of the Lebanese population and with a second nationality to fall back on, just in case?

LBC has now replied to Mr. Nassar with what I think is an absolutely brilliant example of professionalism. For the first time, you have a Lebanese TV station acknowledging a mistake happening and taking the blame for it. Now LBC, my hat is off to you.

Hello Everyone,

Many of you rightfully expect LBCI’s transparent and honest answer to Mr. Abou Nassar’s video.

Like most would agree, LBCI succeeded in exporting Lebanon to the world with unparalleled levels of professionalism. This did not happen by coincidence or magic, but as the result of the perseverant work of hundreds of professionals. And it happened because we believe in our country, in its talents, and in all men and women dedicating themselves for Lebanon, whom we reassure of our unwavering support.

We do not (thank God!) pretend to be perfect. Mistakes happen with all corporations, and we believe the successful institutions are those who draw lessons to avoid repeating them. Let us be clearer: LBCI takes full responsibility of the mishaps that took place and regrets their impact on all the people involved. We salute the efforts of Dr. Sfeir and For Lebanon and sincerely hope that our apologies will be accepted.

The performance, which is not reflective of our standards, was due to the fact that the filming was outsourced in all good faith by LBCI to an external team, which did not perform up to expectations. Again, we are not trying to put the blame on someone else as we fully acknowledge our lack of proper selection. And we are willing to do everything possible to repair the harm that was inadvertently made.

What is an unforeseen sub-performance should not be dealt with as a premeditated wrongdoing, or as a hidden agenda targeting local talents. Though we fully understand the frustration, linking this incident to malevolent intentions is taking things out of proportion. We cannot stress enough how much LBCI supports Lebanese talents from all genres and languages and our track record in this case cannot be brushed aside because of a blunder. An unjust accusation cannot be an answer to a non-premeditated mistake.

Many people can testify that LBCI has broken many partnerships with organizers who did not abide by our standards in term of respecting the people attending the event, thus speaking of intentional sabotage is simply not an option. Criticizing what is wrong is what we do, and we support numerous points that Mr. Abou Nassar has raised, but we are against dramatized criticism which turns into a witch hunt.

We hope that a new page will be opened, and that we will continue to collaborate with all our valued talents to serve our common cause which is Lebanon, as we are all fighting in the same ranks. Mr. Abou Nassar ensured a good coverage for the event and helped in clearing the organizers’ reputation which we also hold dear. We join our voice to his to also thank them for their efforts, hoping to put this unintentional incident behind us

If only other institutions in this country can be this professional in the way they handle criticism.


6 thoughts on “Nemr Abou Nassar vs LBCI

  1. I think LBCI is stupid and whoever believes them also stupid. the first thing you do in a case like this one is take the blame and sound all professional. because this is whats supposed to happen and this is the image they want us to adapt to.

    Im sorry to hear that people are taking LBCIs apology seriously. * two thumbs down *


  2. Their apology and, more importantly, their recognition of their own mistakes as well as the hard work that the organisers put into the event is admirable. And I still am more in favour of acknowledging LBCI as Lebanon’s leading media outlet (well, maybe MTV has surpassed them recently both in financing and production), but still a corporation of the size and competence of LBCI should’ve been more aware who to outsource filming to… and this, for me, coming from them, is something inexcusable at all! :/

    Nemr did blow things out of proportions but that’s just who he is and how he reacts to make a fair point. Had he not done that we probably would have never known about this.


  3. Exactly what [VX]photography said, sometimes you need to have a loud voice so to wake people up.

    On another note, financial backing you say? Nemr never had financial backing from anyone, just so you know, I was there from day 1 with Nemr, and Just because his parents may have a business, it does not mean he had financial backing. He acquired that financial backing on his own at the very beginning whether it was through his affiliation with MixFm or from his Shows overseas.

    No need for me to say more.

    I only speak up, if I see something isn’t right 😉


  4. I agree with this post. Nemr had a temper tantrum. Blaming lbc for all that’s wrong with lebanon is misguided.
    I would also like to add, to a comment made earlier, that no one said he was backed financially by anyone but that he is financially better than most people and he expects the media to cater to him?! I don’t get it…

    LBC’s reply was very professional unlike the video. “Pay attention to me…” Is what seems to be coming across in this rant.



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