Neshan and Jon Stewart, The Zionist

Is there anything better than your healthy dose of Zionism to kick off the day?

While hosting Bassem Youssef on his show yesterday, Neshan decided that Youssef’s friend, the infamous Jon Stewart, is nothing more than a Zionist. Just because he’s Jewish.

Bassem Youssef was polite enough to tell Neshan that, contrary to popular belief, Jon Stewart’s religion has nothing to do with his political mindset, that he is a defender of the Palestinian cause, etc.

Of course, you might as well have been talking to a wall.

Not to expect the mentality set forth by the likes of Neshan in this part of the world is absurd. But what’s shocking is that someone like Neshan – a self-proclaimed educated individual (you only need to listen to his degustation of every letter in an Arabic sentence) – doesn’t know the simple and yet very important fact that we all need to grasp: Jewish does not equate Zionist.

Instead of trying to stop the perpetuation of this blatant racism and incessant ignorance, Neshan not only fuels them but helps affirm them in the minds of the millions who already believe such ideologies.

In what world is Jon Stewart a Zionist? In the world of ignorant individuals who can’t get past their hate, their prejudices, their closed-mindedness, their ignorance, their racism.

There’s nothing different between what Neshan believes and between those who believe all Muslims are terrorists. Except maybe one generalization gives the people in this area some drive, some peace of mind while the other makes them rally in anger.

In the grand scheme of things, Neshan is irrelevant compared to Jon Stewart. I don’t even like his style of interviewing. But he apparently represents a mentality that people with the exposure he has should not possess. And that mentality is more dangerous than his presumed pretentiousness.

12 thoughts on “Neshan and Jon Stewart, The Zionist

  1. A laud your determination to actually watch this show or any interview that last over 1 hour–a totally ridiculous concept, yet strangely common on Lebanese TV. But the promo, with Neshan weirdly using his telepathic powers to blow up light bulbs was enough for me to lose any interest.

    But thanks to this post, I am forced to endure it. THanks a lot Elie! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Could you tell us at least if it was toward the middle, beginning or end of show?


  2. What’s so funny about your post is that you are trying to defend yourself from being closed minded instead you should try to actually know what is Zionism before you employ such a word in your blog. You are perpetuating yourself a wrong idea among your arab readers in which Zionism equate Fascism. Can you remember the first time you heard that word and in which context? Not so long ago I guess. I, as a Jewish was educated in a private college that branded itself “Zionist” and I have never heard during my scholarity a single word against Muslims / Arabs / Palestinians or whatsoever. Instead we were taught a few hours a week about the geography, history of Israel and hebrew language. I am revolted when I read a post like yours of someone trying to give lessons while talking sh#t yourself, you’re not better than Neshan. You can’t try with ideas “Jew does not equate Zionist” cause you don’t even know either of the subjects. I love Lebanon and I thought you would try to bring real peace between us but you sound ignorant about that matter. Doctor, you should stick to posts about cinema movies and the so called Lebanese government.


    • Aden…You really should try to educate yourself about Reality. Maybe try a different SOURCE of information. That is all.


  3. Is there any source in which Jon Stewart says he’s against the existence of Israel within its internationally recognized borders? Because anti-Zionism is exactly that. Even Leftist Israelis who want to end the occupation, change the government, promote better civil rights for Arabs and support the Palestinian “cause” of an independent state are still Zionists. I am sure Jon Stewart is not against Israel’s existence, but that means one can still also support the existence of an independent Palestine. Anyway the Jewish=Zionist thought is indeed retarded. I guess he was also a big Zionist extremist when he met the King of Jordan.


  4. Seriously?

    I’m a long time reader and fan, but this post is completely shocking. You equate Zionism with Muslim terrorism.

    Zionism = the belief that Jews are one nation and should live under self-determination in Israel, their ancestral homeland.
    Muslim terrorism = acts of violence in order to cause death and destruction amongst innocent people all over the world in order to force people to convert to a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam.

    You can say whatever you want about things that have happened under Zionism, but the actual ideology being compared to Muslim terrorism is completely ridiculous. I have studied Zionism extensively and have never ever heard negative words about any others, because the ideology is based on self-determination and safety for Jews with equal rights for others. Muslim terrorism is the exact opposite of this.

    It is true that not all Jews are Zionists – this is something we agree on. But I can comfortably say that 80% of Jews are Zionists, and say 90% at a stretch. Even those who do not support 5% of Israel’s actual actions can still be Zionists because they still support Jews living in the land in safety. Do you really think Jon Stewart is against that!? Supporting Palestinians and being a Zionist are completely and 100% compatible. In fact, Zionism is their best hope of progress – a far better one than the pan-Arabism which is responsible for most of their woes. Lebanon especially has suffered from pan-Arabism – which is why it shocks me even more to see you “defend” Jews against “racism” by claiming that “not all of them” are Zionists. I am sure that Jon Stewart is not against Zionism, just as he is not against Palestinians.

    Why is it that in order for Palestine to accept itself as a state, all Jews must be removed from the area? We all know that if Jews put down their weapons today they would be exterminated within 24 hours and an Islamic fundamentalist state would rise in its place. Is that something that bodes well for Lebanon? I think not.

    I really think that you need to educate yourself a bit more on Zionism before you make such inaccurate comparisons. Please remove the lenses of anti-Jewish/anti-Israel brainwashing endemic of Middle Eastern societies and revisit your learnings of these issues whilst trying to actually place yourself in the position of the “other”. It is desperately needed and I believe that if anybody can do it, it’s you. I am confident in your ability to at least try to take on a different point of view, though I really wish I had never read this post because I feel it will make me believe there is less credibility in your blog.


  5. That was not the point , I think, whether thetwo arecomparable. What’s comparable is saying someone’s ethnicity or religion is mutually inclusive with certain politics or militancy. Zionism often gets judged by the behavior of the Israeli government rather than its actual definition in its most neutral form, which indeed does not exclude supporting a Palestinian state.


  6. I can’t answer to him directly but Khodadad’s reaction to the post is the most amazing of good sense and intelligence I have heard in my life! I don’t know where you’re from but you can be proud of your education, couldn’t have said it better for sure. I love Arabic culture, I love Lebanon but I am sick of hearing the word Zionist these last years turned into an insult when (mostly Arab) people don’t know a tenth of what it really is. It may have employed bad ways to achieve its goals at some point in history, but it is a truly peaceful idea for all religions and countries around. And yes Daniel, if you watch the interview you can see that comparison is directly drawn between Zionism and Muslim terrorism. Do you think it is comparable?


    • Thank you Aden. That’s very nice to hear ๐Ÿ™‚

      I know that Elie probably has not read my comment and probably will not either, but I am really hoping that one day people in this region can learn the importance of empathy and develop the capacity to put themselves in the shoes of Jews, Israelis, Palestinians, Lebanese, Muslims, Christians, Egyptians, Persians, Assyrians and other groups. It is only with an open mind and understanding of issues affecting each group that these matters can be really analysed.

      Elie, I really hope you know that you are doing excellent work. I am a huge fan. However, you are in danger of losing a section of your audience if you continue with such inaccuracies and misguided understandings of issues pertaining to others.


  7. Elie, I’m surprised that you, of all people, would fall for what you posted. You are able to see that Jews and Zionists are not the same thing, which is why I am surprised that you can’t see that Zionists do not equal evil racists.
    Zionism is the movement of Jews to reconstitute their ancestral home in the land of Israel. Nothing more and nothing less.
    Theodore Herzl, who was a driving force behind the Zionist movement at its early stages, wrote a book, “Altneuland” (old-new land) in which he described his vision. In it, Jews and Arabs had equal rights and lived in harmony together in a completely democratic state. Haim Weizmann, another leader of the Zionist movement, who later became the first President of Israel was on very good terms with King Faisal of Egypt, one of the only leaders of a sovereign Arab state in the region at the time, and at least at first, it looked like Zionist Jews and Arabs would be able to live together in harmony.
    Somewhere along the line, things got messed up and Zionists and Arabs became enemies. Does the fact that two peoples are enemies make one of them racist?
    To be sure, yes, there are some racists in Israel. I even know some of them and do my best to point out the error of their ways. But Zionism has nothing to do with racism. It is merely a national movement, like any other national movement. And yes, in case you were wondering, I am a proud Zionist. BTW, enjoy Paris.


  8. You know who are the biggest Zionists today, Elie? The Middle Eastern Christians. Once they understood that the only country they can stay alive in is Israel, they became the biggest Zionists…

    If you don’t believe that, talk to Egyptian Copts, or Israeli Christians that are now volunteering for the Israeli army…



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