How To Get Results of Lebanon’s Official Exams: SV, SG, SE, LH & Brevet

Word has it that the results of Lebanon’s official exam results will be out starting today for the Life Sciences (LS/SV) and General Sciences (GS/SG) branches, followed by SE and LH tomorrow with brevet in the coming few days.

Back in my days, we had a website called Schoolnet that posted the results. It crashed way too often but was at least free.

It seems students now have to pay for a texting service in order to get their results, at a rate of 9 cents/text just to know if they passed or not. Everything turns into a business in this country, even knowing whether you can go to university or not.

Fear not, Lebanon’s high school and middle school students, there is another solution which allows your anxiety and worry to be well expressed while keeping your mobile credit intact.

To get your results, click here (link) to access the service hosted by Naharnet.

Good luck to everyone especially my little brother whose results should be out today.


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