Cedar Tree Lebanon forest Gebran Tawk – 1

Picture Courtesy of L’Orient Le Jour

One thought on “Cedar Tree Lebanon forest Gebran Tawk – 1

  1. Why are we surprised? They (by “They”, I mean the feudal political lords of this country) have spoiled and corrupted everything in this country. Schools, universities, seashores and mountain ranges, hospitals, industry, seaports and airport, politics and military, food and medications, nothing has escaped their hunger for more wealth and abuse. They abused our children and made them believe that they would be fighting for a country, for a future, for happiness, for life. Actually what these youngsters have been dying and killed for is for “Their” country, “Their” children’s future, “Their” happiness and “Their” life (“Their” refer again to the same group of politicians and spoils hungry thugs). Let us not kid ourselves, “They” have respected nothing. “They” have ruined our future, forced our children and our brains to emigration, and “They” ruined our history, our past (sometimes glorious). And we still vote for “Them”. We fight each other whenever “they” seem to disagree with each other, we carry guns to fight for “them” while “they” are partying on our corpses. Wake up! We should wake up! Let us at least fight for the only remaining and unifying thing we are known for, for our symbol. WAKE UP!



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