Spotted in Harissa: Labbayka Nasrallah

I guess it must be completely natural for religious people to go to Harissa. Even I feel like going there sometimes. There’s just something about the serenity of that place.

I also guess it must be completely natural for religious people to bring their political zeal with them to churches and mosques. Checking such stuff at home is way too mainstream lately.

It must be completely normal also to bring sharpies, permanent markers and express such political ideologies on the walls of religious establishments because a support for a politician cannot be sufficient except when it’s coupled with graffiti.

The following was spotted at Harissa:

Harissa Nasrallah

Picture via @JessyGeagea

And to think those prayers were the worst thing being written on the walls of Harissa.


3 thoughts on “Spotted in Harissa: Labbayka Nasrallah

  1. The guy who wrote this “prayer” is a poor-minded person who thinks that hzbo is everywhere, controlling every part of Lebanon, even the christian parts of it. Let him be reminded that wherever there is an invasion there is necessarily a Resistance. He ought to know that. Resistance could take many forms…



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