Lebanese Girls Are Not Easy To Get

A map has surfaced recently, championed by the work of a sex tourist called Daryush Valizadeh, that grades women across the world by the level of how easy they are to be picked up.

Sounds sexist? You bet. Sounds wrong as well? It does on so many levels.

I’ve checked the map out of curiosity. It has went viral in the past few days. I have no idea on what basis it was constructed but people seem not to care. The map itself might as well serve as a “where you can rape” guide for men who have no inkling on what it means to hold it in.

But I figured I’d check where Lebanon stands. Our women, whose reputation has been tarnished by folks of the region who view anything that doesn’t fit their mold as promiscuity, are anything but the promiscuous kind that many love to portray them to be.

You can check out the map here.

lEBANESE girls


Regardless of what such a map might mean, Lebanon remains a country where sex is a taboo. The joke goes as follows:

Most Lebanese guys I know:
– Are you with premarital sex?
– Would you marry a girl who had premarital sex?

I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


17 thoughts on “Lebanese Girls Are Not Easy To Get

  1. If you don’t like your local women you need to look across the border. It seems to the south the girls are, comparitively speaking, total sluts who would like to have your friends as well. Whereas to the east they are way too prudent and only like it missionary style. Who are you going to introduce to your family? Pick your poison ;-).

    Nice to know some very HIV infected countries are in the “easy to get” category!

    In my student town you’ll probably be able to convince everyone you’re a romantic dude from France. Some student organizations are pretty wild but recently scabies broke out so yeah…


  2. Why are you considering promiscuity “tarnishing” a reputation guys and gals? You’re sorta fitting into the mold that casual sex is wrong, yet, criticizing those that “don’t marry a virgin”. I’d personally never marry a virgin. If she’s not good in bed, how can the marriage ever be successful? And vice versa of course. Plus, a bit of experience can make things all the more enjoyable and less awkward.


    • The reputation in question is that of sluts, which is what people of the region think of Lebanese women. I don’t approve, which is obvious. People are free to do whatever they want. I’m in no position to judge.


    • You can get into a relationship with a virgin and make the sex good together. Anyway I don’t believe in no sex before marriage. I believe in no marriage before sex because like so many other factors it is essential to a good relationship.


    • You accused the others of fitting into a mold and followed by doing the exact same thing, with a different mold.

      This map is misogynistic, sexist and just plain disgusting. This has nothing to do with anything but degrading women to “how easy it is to bang them”. It is male-centered, pathetic, sad and shallow. Just picturing this excuse for a human being spending so much time ‘hunting’ random women and ‘rating’ them according to boobs, ass and easiness pisses me off.

      And who cares if you’d prefer marrying a virgin or a non-virgin? Just the fact that you require her to have had some sex before meeting you is a problem in itself. In fact, it is as much of a problem as the morons who require her to be a virgin.

      You marry a woman for who she is, and who you are with her and because of her. If either one of you happens to be a virgin, then the other will learn with time. There’s no magical formula specifically reserved for those who prefer casual sex over waiting for the right person. It’s not rocket science. It’s sex. It’s a natural thing that anyone can learn either from past experiences or new ones.

      Some would tell you that they prefer waiting, others will tell you that having some experience – and even maybe making mistakes – is better. I’d tend towards the latter, but I don’t buy that it’s better or worse in any way. It works for me, it might not work for someone else.


  3. The person who rated this based it upon a PUA perspective , which is go go a club and talk to girls using some pre-rehearsed ways of behavior and seeing the likelihood of hooking up . And in a way the guy is right. The likelihood that you will leave with a Lebanese girl after a party in Lebanon is super low .. Unless I am so unattractive to the opposite sex . It is definitely sexist but it works in many countries . Some YouTube channels even film these Pua stuff , like vitali channel and stuff.
    I wish we were green or yellow


  4. I don’t really agree with this card where they get there satistic, if no Lebanese girls will said what they have done with man. Me I’m two nationality Lebanese and USA one. And I can tell you what they shown in the movie about americain and canadian culture are not true at all when you know that 3/4 of the population are again abortion and 2/4 of the people are for waiting until getting maried to have sex. If they are talking about prostitution yes this card can be true. But if they’re talking about every girls in general this is not the case.


  5. That map and some of the comments are just outright sexist, women are not “sluts”, “whores” and “easy-to-get” for doing something that human beings usually naturally desire to do but society prohibits them from doing it. Why are men allowed to fuck as much as they want to without being called “man-sluts” or whatever? Hey, if a man usually has premarital sex with people and will be willing to do it with other people(especially if it’s not in the missionary position, gotta say that!), I’m just going to call him a man-slut, randomly mention HIV and reject him. Anyway, Lebanese women are considered “sluts” in this retarded Arab world because we’re usually more likely to wear revealing clothes than women from other Arab countries, if you wear revealing clothes, you’re a whore. We’re all born naked but then we wear these things we make that we call clothes and decide how much skin a person should be able to show based on stupid arbitrary standards and any woman who doesn’t follow them is a whore, that’s how people think and it’s just frankly disgusting.



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