AUB Handles It Excellently: No to Gossip on Marwan Hamzeh

With the news of the passing of an AUB student in mysterious circumstances today, local media was quick to jump on the story with countless theories. It seems they have forgotten that this is person has grieving parents and friends who do not want this story to turn into the media frenzy circus it’s turning into.

No, you do not know enough to say it’s suicide. No, you don’t know enough to say it was politically-motivated. The only thing you know is that this is tragic and that it’s not gossipy material to share over coffee with your friends and journalistic colleagues. If the end a life that happens in such a tragic way is treated like tabloid news, what can you expect when it comes to even more pertinent national issues?

It is here that I have to commend the American University of Beirut for the way they handled this: respect the family, don’t blab. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this from a Lebanese institution.


May he rest in peace and may his friends and family find solace in the memories they have of him.

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