Tripoli Recovers: This Is What’s Happening in Tripoli on February 23rd

Tripoli Recovers

Something is happening in Tripoli on February 23rd. And it will be quite good.

Forget the new government, skiing scandals and other “it” news for a moment. Out of the places you’d least expect comes a bunch of young men and women, like you and I, who have decided to take things into their own hands in order to maybe get the city they call home to start recovering like they hope it does.

In order to do so, they’ve come with the idea for an event that their city hasn’t seen before. On February 23rd, Tripoli Recovers will bring together specialists in pediatrics, cardiology, ophthalmology, ENT, family medicine, OBGYN and surgery, as well as residents, interns, pharmacists, nutritionists and psychologists in order to offer medical help to the entire population of Tripoli. 

The medical help will, of course, be for free. Awareness events for breast cancer, smoking and reckless driving, among others will also be taking place. The Lebanese Red Cross is helping in organizational purposes. The city’s scout movements are also setting up behavioral games for the youth and children who attend to raise awareness about the dangers of drugs.

The event at hand has several purposes that aim at getting Tripoli to recover.

  1. These doctors and doctors-to-be want to help the people of their city the best way they know how: with their medical knowledge and expertise.
  2. These people also believe that the people of their hometown have been segregated on imaginary fault-lines for far too long, so they hope that by bringing them together through this medical event they’d be able to contribute to the integration that their city is lacking nowadays: across religious and economical lines.
  3. By organizing the “Tripoli Recovers” event, these people want to show that their city is not the Lebanese Kandahar that many have assumed it is and that it has people who want to work to make their home a better place.

The lab with which the organizers are dealing will make sure that all lab results will be available within the same day in order to screen as much as possible for any possible diseases.

Tripoli Recovers is an event that hasn’t been funded by any politically affiliated sides. In fact, part of the funding for the event came out of the organizers’ own resources due to some sponsors backing out at the last moment.

You can check out the Facebook event here.

The following is a video by the person who came up with the idea, Dr. Khairallah Awkar, giving more information about Tripoli Recovers:

The event will take place at St. Elias School – Zahrieh, from 8AM till 4PM on February 23rd. That’s this coming Sunday. Everyone is welcome to attend. Spread the word and be many.

Kudos to these young men and women for the mighty effort they’ve put into their own version of recovery.

2 thoughts on “Tripoli Recovers: This Is What’s Happening in Tripoli on February 23rd

  1. Reblogged this on Just Mym and commented:
    For a second there I thought this was a parody, like an Onion, piece, but this is really happening… And that makes a world of difference to me… Thank you, Elie Fares (if i’m not mistaken, and if I am, I apologize), for sharing these news in a well-written, and quite witty way 🙂



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