5 Reasons Why You Should Go To Ellie Goulding’s Concert in Beirut

Ellie Goulding Lebanon Beirut Biel

Disclaimer: I was provided with concert tickets by MixFM for my personal use; this, however, came after a friend and I had already purchased tickets for the concert, albeit lower-priced ones. 

The “it” concert of the summer, which was almost threatened to be canceled at some point as our security situation degenerated, is Ellie Goulding coming for her Halcyon Days tour. Personal taste in music aside, the concert is to be a summer highlight, with it generally being an oddity for someone who’s actually “in” right now to come to Lebanon for a concert.

The ads promoting the event have been extremely tacky so far, however. Between telling us that Ellie is brave for venturing here and asking us to show the world how Beirut is truly like, I don’t know what’s sadder: the fact that coming to Lebanon is now an achievement in itself or that that rhetoric has become advertising prone or that the entire joie de vivre in Lebanon point of pride is actually still used.

In spite of that, I figured I’d come up with a few reasons why I want to go to Ellie Goulding’s concert.

1) The song “My Blood” is gorgeous, and the acoustic live version is even better than the recorded version.

2) Goulding’s song “I Know You Care” was used as the UK’s Song for Syria in order to raise money to help the children of the war-torn country.

3) She covers indie acts often and does a good job at it. Her cover of  Kodaline’s “All I Want” is brilliant, as is her cover of Alt-J’s “Tessellate.”

4) Goulding writes most of her songs and with several hits under her belt, many of which were unexpected given them being an oddity with the sounds popular at radio, she has proven not to be a one hit wonder. Her album, Halcyon, cannot be summarized by “Burn,” but has many great songs on it.

5) She’s a great live performer with a voice that stands out among her peers, as well as an awesome accent to boot.

The concert is on Wednesday July 23rd, at Biel.


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