When Arabs Think The Apocalypse Is Near Because The US Legislated Same-Sex Marriage

I’m so honored and flattered to be living in the most open-minded and widely-accepting region of the world. Not only is everything peachy, wonderful and exceedingly rainbow-y around this place, but people in the region are adamant that their quality of life is obviously the way to go for everyone else, and that any deviation from it is quite clearly going to bring about the end of days, Allah-style.

It only took a couple of hours after the United States legislated same-sex marriage on Friday for Arabs across the Middle East to rise in outrage. Obviously, the outrage was restricted to Facebook and Twitter, but some of them were absolutely seething.

Here’s a sample:

How can anyone fathom living in a place where people are equal and requested?

I mean look at Iceland. They have more books published per person than any other country in the world while still being the second happiest country in the world. They legalized same-sex marriage in 2010. How dreadful.

Look at Belgium. The UNICEF called it the best place for children in the world. They legalized same-sex marriage in 2003. How atrocious.

Look at Canada. They are, according to studies, the most educated country in the world. They legalized same-sex marriage in 2005. How horrifying.

Look at New Zealand. They’re the second least corrupt and fourth safest country in the world. They legalized same-sex marriage in 2013. How abysmal.

Look at Norway. They legalized same-sex marriage in 2001, and they’re #1 on the UN’s Human Development Index. How disgusting.

Look at Ireland. In May 2015, they became the world’s first country to legislate same-sex marriage via a public referendum. They’re the #10 in the best places to grow up in. How nauseating.

Obviously, a #GAY_HOUSE is not a suitable place for humanity, because it will destroy everything that we’re about:

Arabs US - 15


So, because those horrible same-sex-loving countries are downright appalling at how they do things, I think that we should tell them what “natural” is, because they don’t know, and because we’re excellent at keeping things natural:

  1. It’s okay to have ISIS in your backyard. Clearly, there’s nothing wrong or unnatural about a clan of beheading-loving terrorists who are emanating from our #NATURAL_HOUSE.
  2. It’s okay if you marry an 8 year old girl. As long as the person you’re marrying has a vagina, you’re okay. Also, it’s not pedophilia in our #NATURAL_HOUSE.
  3. It’s okay if you beat your wife to death. The law allows it. No one will bat an eyelash on the news of her ending up in the hospital, brain dead. No one will also care about the bruises on her face. This is how we roll in our #NATURAL_HOUSE.
  4. It’s not okay for you to marry someone who inherited a different set of religious beliefs. Sunni and Shiite can be okay, even though you wouldn’t want that for your children nowadays also. But Muslim-Christian? This is not how things work in our #NATURAL_HOUSE.
  5. You will not be naturalized in our countries unless you’re from a certain religion. It doesn’t matter how good of a person you are, how hard-working, law-abiding and national. We don’t want any strangers in our #NATURAL_HOUSE.
  6. If you hear someone talk about the idea of civil liberties, call them a heretic and hang them at your nearest town square. Civil marriage? Equal right? Human rights? These are foreign concepts in our #NATURAL_HOUSE.
  7. If someone dares to mention Western countries, you will point your finger to his or her face and accuse them of being a follower of the Great Big Shaytan. This is not an insult to anyone’s intelligence in our #NATURAL_HOUSE.
  8. You will bring up Gaza and other violations of human rights in casual conversation about irrelevant topics, over shisha with your friends, to show you care. We are compassionate in our #NATURAL_HOUSE.

Once upon a time, I used to be a homophobe bigot. I used to think what people did in the privacy of their homes was my own business, and that I was allowed to have an opinion into how other people lived their lives, and that their lives are supposed to go on the track of values that I was exposed to all my life, never challenging, never looking at another realm of morality that existed beyond the confines of that little town, nestled on the hills of Batroun, in the heart of Christian Lebanon.

This extended to the way I dealt with things as well: when the only thing you know is that different is not okay, that “other” is frowned upon, that anything existing beyond your moral code is cringe-worthy, you slowly but surely regress into not being human.

But then I left home, and I realized that there were a lot of things I didn’t know. I realized that being challenged, morally, by things I had never been exposed to wasn’t only mind-boggling, it was also exhilarating. And slowly, over the course of many years and friendships in between, I not only do not recognize the boy that I was a few years ago, but I cower at the idea of that person still existing in some people’s memory.

I’ve seen some people say that discussing the new American legislation should not be done by people not living in the United States. I believe it’s the exact opposite. The most heart-warming story I’ve seen over the weekend is how a friend of mine, whose mother thought homosexuality was an abomination only a few years ago, is now a person who just wants people to live and let live, because what they’re doing does not affect her in any way whatsoever.

The more we discuss such topics and issues that challenge what we know, the more we inch towards truly bettering ourselves as societies, crawling slowly but surely towards a better state, one where people realize that the people who are different in all aspects are not an issue, but not accepting them is.

14 thoughts on “When Arabs Think The Apocalypse Is Near Because The US Legislated Same-Sex Marriage

  1. Thank you for this excellent post, Elie. As usual, you speak my mind, probably because we come from the same cultural background. I used to be a homophobic bigot too, thanks to our “Allah” blinded society / education.
    By the way, just for laughs, if you ever discuss with a fellow Lebanese (or Arab) about liberties, do not commit the mistake of mentioning the happy countries you listed, the immediate reply you will get is: “Oh, but they are committing suicide because they are unhappy and living without God.”
    I’ve had this reply on different occasions from different people. Those sad Scandinavians and New-Zealanders whose minds are possessed by Satan!!!


  2. Reblogged this on Eliane Fersan and commented:
    Gay_House versus Natural_House and the Angry Arabs!
    We live in a global world, where progress in one place resonates somewhere else and inspires others to do the same or more… Funny how people in general and so called activists chose what to highlight at home rather than human rights across the board. That’s maybe they don’t see all human rights as such or, to say the least, still consider LGBT rights as a secondary issue and uncommon to their societies. Excellent read curtousy of Separate State of Mind!


    • So now if someone supports equality and gay rights, it makes him gay? That’s the most stupid thing I ever heard in my life! You people should wake up and start thinking before speaking because we’re in 2015 and it’s fucking time!


      • Absolutely T. Some people think that if you give a person the freedom to choose between tea or coffee, you could have a hidden agenda.


  3. I don’t understand how Lebanese people can be so homophobic (entre autres) ! I was raised in a small shitty village in the south of Lebanon by pretty conservative parents and yet, never once in my life have I had any negative thoughts about gay people. I’ve always found it natural that they would have the same rights as straight people.
    I live abroad now and a couple of days ago, as I was going to book a plane ticket to Lebanon, I stumbled across a Lebanese memes post about legalizing gay marriage. I made the mistake of reading the comments and they were so retarded and disgusting that I decided not to come back to Lebanon this summer. This happens with me almost every year and it’s sad because I feel like I will never be able to go back to my country again because of a bunch of sexist racist homophobic idiots.


  4. You might be preaching to the choir. It might be more effective if this blog was translated to Arabic. It is telling to note that most of the samples of outrage you showed were in Arabic!


  5. Excellent post and to the point. All those who are against this resolution perhaps will change their mind the day someone in their own family comes out of the closet. Yes, homosexuality exists in the Arab world whether people want to see it or not. Women are so despised in some Arab countries that men have no other alternative than to go out with men. Saudi Arabia is a very good example.


  6. Addendum to John Matta’s comment: If the country in question issued FREE for all Green Cards to all who criticize its policies, would the “criticizers” grab it or would they say “no, thank you”? Give me Scandinavia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada anytime where I may choose on my own whether I will have coffee or tea…



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