#JusticeForGeorges: When Lebanon Is A Jungle, Not A Country

This is what I do when someone cuts me off on the road.

1) I honk at them as loud as I can,

2) I call them an asshole because that’s what they are,

3) I curse whoever taught them how to drive because, well, someone who knows how to drive should know right of passage,

4) I move on, turn up my radio and blast some song my friends agree I should probably not be listening to.

What happens, however, when a right of passage dispute happens with an asshole, who – like many Lebanese in this God-forsaken country, happens to be well-weaponized?

The answer is short: you die. This is exactly what happened to Georges El Rif, in the streets of Gemmayze.

His story is as follows:

Georges and his wife were driving on the airport road when they got into a right of passage dispute with Tarek Yatim. Tarek and the woman driving him, whose name is Lina Haidar, tried to cut off Georges who didn’t let them through. So they forcefully hit his car and kept going.

So Georges followed the man who hit his car to write down his license plate number. They called the ISF, gave them a description of the car and its license plate number. They were rebuffed by the ISF because no personnel were nearby.

They were eventually led to Gemmayzeh, where Tarek Yatim got out of his car, ran towards Georges and started stabbing him with the knife he had in his possession.

No amount of pleading from Georges’ wife, no amount of running away from Georges deterred Tarek Yatim from attacking the man, stabbing him repeatedly. Whenever the wife would try to help her husband, Tarek Yatim slapped her and pushed her away.

A few meters away from them was the house of Lebanon’s Minister of Energy Arthur Nazarian, who also stood on his balcony observing what was happening, not bothering to send his own bodyguards to help.

Georges was then taken to a nearby peripheral hospital where doctors could not resuscitate him. He had three episodes of cardiac arrest before he passed away, leaving behind him a wife and four kids.

Georges’ killer is a man of priors. He was involved in a shooting at the White House restaurant in Sodeco in February 2010, as well as drug trafficking and drug use. The question is: why wasn’t he in jail to begin with?

The answer is two folds.

He wasn’t in jail because this fucked up country is not a country, but a jungle where animals like Tarek Yatim run wild, unafraid of retribution because we don’t have a functional justice system and we don’t have a functional security apparatus to make sure such assholes are where they’re supposed to be: behind bars, away from people who just want to make a living, drive to work, go home to their kids and families, and just live.

Tarek Yatim wasn’t also in jail because he’s connected, because he’s a Lebanese politician’s, reportedly Antoun Sehnaoui, henchman: someone to do their dirty bidding while they sit behind podiums and preach “order” to anyone who listens, or govern us “legally” as they pass their illegal biddings without us knowing.

Tarek Yatim is the kind of “people” who are not afraid of retribution because they know they can get away with it. He’s the kind of animal who’s not afraid to kill someone in broad daylight because he knows how to get away with murder.

This is Tarek Yatim’s face. Memorize it. He may be apprehended now, but be sure he’ll be back on your streets as soon as his wasta allows:

Tarek Yatim - Georges el Rif #justiceforgeorges

The more heartbreaking side of Georges El Rif’s story is how the people around him stood there and watched. I’ve seen many videos of the incidence. They have different angles, but they all show the same thing: Georges el Rif being chased by his murderer, and people standing there idly watching. The only thing they needed, I suppose, was a batch of popcorn.

It’s hard for me to imagine that there was nothing the people standing there, watching Georges die, could have done. It’s hard for me to imagine that the cars circling that road, probably slowing for a few seconds to see what was happening, had no reflex to help a man thrown on the ground, getting stabbed to death, psychology’s bystander effect non-withstanding.

A minister stood there and did nothing. His bodyguards did nothing. A police station that’s a minute away did nothing. How is this acceptable? 

It is easy for me to imagine, however, those people that were there, rushing home to tell their family all about the very, very exciting thing they witnessed on the streets of Gemmayze that day. I have no idea how much further our apathy can rise.

Many in Lebanon keep weapons and knives in their cars. They roam our streets, threaten our security and our lives, aware that their threats will never be faced with any repercussions. A few months ago, Yves Nawfal was the victim of such people as well (link).

One day, someone you know or maybe you could fall victim to such people. I just hope our names don’t get turned into a hashtag just because our politicians are too comfortable keeping their henchmen out of order, our security apparatuses are too comfortable not making sure that anyone with finger can pull a trigger, and that the people of this country are apparently convinced that something happening to someone on the street can never happen to them.

Lebanon is not a country; Lebanon is a jungle. Deal with it accordingly.

Update: An IndieGogo campaign has been started to fund Georges’ family’s legal case. (link). 


83 thoughts on “#JusticeForGeorges: When Lebanon Is A Jungle, Not A Country

  1. I disagree that the people should have intervened and stopped the criminal, he had a weapon and you might be attacked while trying to stop the attack. Why intervene in a fight thats not your? I know theres a human life at stake but still you might endanger your own by intervening. What pisses me off is people wanting the death penalty for the criminal, that is so wrong, if you go for the death penalty that makes us a criminal society (which we are). sh it look what it came to. a stupid death over a road rage.

    • If he had killed ur wife u’d wish someone had tried to help her. And I’m sure as f*** you’d want the bastard dead. This guy killed someone in the middle of the day, it’s not like there’s any doubt about his guilt. Kill the fucker & good riddance, streets will be better off without those animals roaming them

    • Ade ahbal inta ? Death penalty for whoever it is means 1000% less murder, any1 kills any1 will die. Who wants to die ? No one. Thus no crimes. Thats 1. Two, fi shi esmo taser aw ma maak khabar ? Kam marra baram dahro keno fiyon to taser him with a high voltage w khelsit. Haj tetfalsaf

      • ana yimkin ahbal, bass enta mijrim kamen! basically, a society who agrees on the death of a criminal, is way more criminal and cold blooded murder. bass enta batal mahek. ayr bi hebalak shou khaliss

        • YA toni ya habibi… No one is saying execution should be a rule here. But in exceptions like this it is more about the message to people like this guy and their political owners rather than the idea of death penalty itself.

          This guy “Tarel” clearly is not right and having him within the public as a constant danger. There is no guarantee that he will actually be in jail for more than a few months if they put him in jail. Death penalty is a crime on its own, but how can you send the message to all these zo3ran? …You gotta break some eggs to make a pancake Toni. Extreme situations suggest extreme measures. We are not saying there should be Sharia law.. we are not even saying anyone that kills should receive the death penalty because sometimes circumstances differ to the cause of death.. But this man is a total exception. His execution will be the biggest message to hundreds and thousands like him to think twice before they take someone’s life. He was given way too many chances and he is always going to worse…

          **I say He should get lethal shot (to be as human as possible) and
          **His whore who was driving should get like 5-10 years because she was the main instigator, contributor and catalyst to the man’s death. Without her, the guy would still be alive.
          **The judge who released him for the previous crime should be stripped of his license and serve a sentence too
          **His owner (Sahnawi) should be forced to resign to have hired a criminal and allowed him to have this immunity

          When you want to cure cancer, you don’t just kill the cancerous cells, you treat what is causing the cancer to form. In this case, you need to punish EVERYONE directly or indirectly related to this crime.

          • Mate, it has been proven over and over, and I am talking about scientific data, crime rate goes up when the law includes suicide, that is because never did the threat of capital punishment ever stopped a criminal from committing his crime, I will not go into details (this is my field of expertise, I am specialised in adjustment Psychology and criminal behaviour is the main field) But criminals are two types, as a Psychologist I consider them all mentally disordered, but even though there are those who have no sense of worry or fear of being caught, they have what we call “Magical thinking” the concept of them being caught is absent so there is no punishment that would make them fear anything, the other type are those who would commit the crime and then find a way to run from it, the second type if caught usually commits suicide so whether there is a death sentence or not it will never stop a person from doing his crime, if that was the case then all people who do drugs would have stopped since the drug abusers (of course not the dealers) are caught on a regular basis, did this stop anyone from doing drugs? not even 1% trust me. The solution is life prison with no possibility of parole. (I would have said social and psychological rehabilitation, but we do not live in a civilised country yet and such things do not exist)

        • These criminals never stay in jail for long, at some point, they just go out and start killing again because it’s free and because Roumieh is Disney land, I’m only stating facts.

          We are indeed in a jungle, it’s obvious how things work in Lebanon, such laws are truly applied only for those with no money or no power/connections. Resourceful people are immune, at least on the long term. It’s an ultra liberal jungle, simply.

          Lebanon is enraged, it can’t handle itself, it needs a master to calm it down, SA, USA/Europe, Israel, Syria? Russia? China? choose your master! We have proven to the world that we are unworthy, irresponsible and incapable to manage our own country and maybe these “masters” I mentioned above have something to do with this, but let’s stop blaming others and face it, we screwed up, big time! and it led us to what we are today. Let’s be pragmatic about it and make progress. This starts by taking our responsibilities, in a way were are all a bit guilty if that kind of criminal behavior is allowed in our own country.

          For the time being, the only LOGIC way in order to protect ourselves (normal people) from sick criminals like this guy, who are hired and protected by powerful politicians or businessmen and the corruption that it entails, WOULD BE ( hypothesis) to apply the death sentence and execute them to make sure they don’t get out after a year or 2, or even escape to other countries, kill some more people over there, come back, repeat. We are in 2017, and yesterday, Sarah Suleiman, a 24 years old girl died in Zahle because of one of those monsters. How many more will have to die so we finally realize the seriousness of the situation.

          The real problem with death penalty and that’s why I’m saddened, it’s a double-edged sword, and that’s one of the “real” reasons why it got abolished in many countries, because, as it was intended to be a tool for ultimate justice and righteousness, instead, it progressively got manipulated and transformed into a tool of corruption, to slay the innocents while leaving no proofs behind, saving precious time for the real criminals to cover up and so ensuring their protection and immunity. Keep in mind that such a tool can be dangerous if it falls in the wrong hands, and History has proven that it did many times. In that particular case a country is indeed criminal.

          So I only see 3 possibilities left here, and the 3 are almost impossible to achieve, first we clean all corruption in the justice system and in politic parties to make sure no protection is granted to any kind of criminals, no matter what is their religion or political parties affiliation, a criminal is a criminal and must be judged by the established laws no matter what.

          Second if 1 failed, we bring back death penalty and make sure it’s only applied to cold blooded murderers and not misused. But to be honest it’s incomplete and a bit useless because we would be chopping Hydra’ heads, the brains behind these assassins would simply replace their fallen villains by even more competent criminals.This option is not so efficient even if it feels righteous.

          Option 3 we take our chances and hope not to get killed by some lunatic cocaine Rambo on a Saturday night or during a day after work and boost our chances of survival with self-defense courses and by holding a gun or a knife, but I’m afraid that it will only increase criminality, the US and Israel are great examples of that model of society. I dont think we want that for the future of our country.

          I believe that citizens have a duty to defend each others in those cases and not just as a moral duty, if the laws were correctly applied, some passive people at the crime scene would be in prison : ( French law) “non-assistance à personne en danger” or failure to assist a person in danger is punishable by up to 5 years of prison, it can decrease ( down to no punishment) depending on the situation and the circumstances. I understand that in some cases it’s hard to have a fast reaction or to find the courage to make a move if the assaillant is heavenly armed but in George’s case, something could have been done to help him, what happened there was wrong in my opinion.

          So to conclude, does anyone have a 4th or 5th option to get us out of this shit storm? please share.

    • You disagree? Why because in the country you migrated to people do not bother to help one another? This is a different culture, at least it used to be. Our culture entitles us to help those who need help, even in situations like these.

      It pisses you off that people want death penalty for someone that is butchering people for honking at him?? Wow man, hats off to your DUMB logic!

      All lebanese people:

      Wlak bravo! KEEEP ELECTING these politicians. KEEP IT UP! and keep saying you are proud being Lebanese. The biggest shame I have in my life is being Lebanese. I would rather be a TOILET than being Lebanese. You people keep electing these rotten PIGS that you worship so much. Look at you … Look at this FARM you call country. TFEH!, this country should BURN with each and everyone of you in it. You don’t deserve any better because you keep electing these pigs.

      Jumblat, Aoun, Hariri, Nasrallah, Berri, Ja3ja3, Jmayyil, etc etc etc… KEEP ELECTING THESE PIGS! because they truly care about you so much!

      What a waste of a country..What a waste of people!

    • you are all uneducated lil cunts who speak out on random blogs or social media, if you were there yourself ya abatal into kelkon, you would have shut up and looked elsewhere. the reason is simple, a person has a knife and is clearly high on uppers such as speed or crack, who is clearly not thinking straight and who could have attached anyone who tried to stop him. bala falsafe 3a ba3ed. what I am talking about is pure logic, what you guys are talking about is emotions, and emotions might get you killed. According to the Daily Star, there are some people who tried to intervene, the criminal started shouting and pointed the knife at whoever tried to stop him. khaline shouf baydakon ya abtal ento, add bayd el 3anze. what is done is done, what you can do now is simple, Sahnaoui and whoever protects likewise criminals should either be arrested, or should be boycotted/attacked by the people and the media. Most of the media today is covering up a bit for sahnaoui, no idea why, all he is is a thuggish bankster, hated by the people! instead of being lil cunts and talking shit on blogs, do something useful and constructive. For the person who said that my ideology of not intervening makes me a coward, I tell him/her, no, it makes me a clever person. The only way that someone could have intervened is if they are in possession of a weapon that beats the criminal’s knife (taser, gun, baseball bat), which I’m pretty sure no one had. bala jalja2a ya jame3a

      • No sir. You are a coward, like the bystanders, and there really is nothing you can say for anyone else with a soul to say otherwise. Three men attack that killer, he’d have no chance. Remember. Love your neighbour. They didn’t. They let him die.

      • Uneducated cunts? You shaved pussy you! … Some men are MEN ya khara! Some men are not scared of a fckin little knife. Don’t assume everyone is as much of a pussy as you are. Unfortunately, those who were at this street were all like you.. maybe related to you. Some men are MEN … You know, men that if they see a woman screaming her freakin lungs out and a helpless man getting fckin killed… Wleh eben el alf a7bi who are you to judge everyone here?

        Boycotted by the media? Eh la2enno alebnen is Switzerland ya zabri. Wleh haydi ghabi wleh soos. If two or 3 men can’t jump on one guy and take his knife, then 3awwadnekon el baraki… Go celebrate beating Israel after getting bombed the crapped out of. This is Lebanon.. Balad el ksais. Tony .. yo2borni tantoon immak ana…

      • What happened is really horrible and is something that never should happen, and in my mind, I see myself attacking the perpetrator and saving the poor man before he died. That’s what I wish I’d do if I’d been there, but if I’m to be realistic, is that really what I would’ve done? Have you never been in a verbal fight with someone before, messed up, and afterwards thought of what you SHOULD’VE said but didn’t?

        You people are sitting behind your screens, protected because there’s no one in front of you who could actually kill you, thinking that you would’ve handled the situation so much differently, but the fact is, you expect OTHERS to handle it differently, and when you’re actually in a situation in which you could die, you probably wouldn’t throw yourself right at it. Don’t hate the person who is honest with himself. Truth hurts, but you gotta accept it. The ones at fault are the government that allows things like these to happen, and the man who actually did it.

    • What a stupid thing to write Tony.
      Next time you’re getting stabbed, you gonna wish people didn’t think like you.
      You don’t have a problem with a Puta killing a man but you have a problem with people calling for the death penalty for that Puta?
      What the hell are you smoking Tony??

    • Ya just stand there and watch a fellow human being die. Everyone of those people are pathetic! And you Tony sir are a moron. Enough said!

      • no need to answer, this debate is never ending: two different opinions on the matter. I understand why the outrage from people who see as intervening fit or who see the death penalty as a good option, but I do not accept it simply because it’s not effective. Myself and many other people rationally explained why intervening is not the correct way. It for you guys to choose between rationale and emotions. some choose emotions while others are rational. There is no correct and wrong, its just two different approaches.

        For Lebanon_Balad_KHARA (who insulted me and other users who this that intervening is not a good option and who said that MEN have balls and should have intervened), I tell him that MEN don’t measure themselves based on how big their muscle is, but rather on how educated and loving that person is. This is what makes you a man, not having extra big balls and making mashkals and shit. In this case it was to stop a mashkal (by doing a mashkal). zake hbb

        • hey bro i hope you die next to people and no one does a thing 🙂 because whatever your logical background, not understanding why someone should do smth abt it is brutaly and shamefully stupid. 🙂 your wasting our oxygen 🙂 . Die

    • hey bro i hope you die next to people and no one does a thing 🙂 because whatever your logical background, not understanding why someone should do smth abt it is brutaly and shamefully stupid. 🙂 your wasting our oxygen 🙂 . Die

  2. WAIT, WHAT?? Those people…just standing there, watching.. all those cars.. And NO ONE thought of helping him? I just don’t understand what kind of country we live in. This is neither human, nor something animals would do.

    For Pete’s sakes, we’ve gotten closer to Pluto than we have to Lebanon becoming a decent civilized country. I have never seen anything more disgusting than these two videos. I’m outraged.

    • helping him could put you in danger and you don’t want that believe me. its doesn’t have to do with being human, just being clever enough

      • There are SO many different ways to help. But just staring and walking away, doing absolutely nothing, is THE most inhuman thing I have ever seen. Being clever would have been to help save a man’s life.

      • no no no it has to do with all of you being cowards 😀 you liek the safety of your screens, talk like heros here and do ntn on the spot. So what do you teach your children Michel? runaway and survive ? If its about survival then lets just be honest and live like animals, but Michel if you want your pretty little luxe and law abiding fake safety, you Duty is to speak up when shit like that happens.

        In this case the stabber deserve life in prison, but all the others (that includes you) deserve death for doing nothing, no one even grabbed his phone to call the cops, you bastards think its TV but lets see how it feels when your blood runs the streets.

        Now to finish this honorably ill tell you the same thing i told Tony.

        People like Hitler deserve punishment, people like you dnt even deserve to breath our oxugen and should be PUT DOWN for the greater good. You want to live your life neutral and pussy ? go to swizerland but seriously i prefer you die , so many courageous people and not enough food to feed em all, might as well get rid of the trash.


        Thierry Choueiri

  3. Regarding the onlookers who did nothing. Let’s face it. If they had shot Tarek Yatim before he could stab Georges they would be in jail today for weapon possession. Lebanon is not a jungle at all. It is a system, a system where self-defense is a crime.

    • No one is talking about shooting. It would have taken two men to get this man from killing George. Even if every man held one arm of this criminal, it would have saved the life of a father of 4. You don’t have to shoot and kill to help someone. Men standing are pussies and there is NO WAY in hell, 2 men would not have been able to get this criminal on his knees.

      SHAME on every man that was standing and looking. Even women have more balls than you. What a shame!

        • Yes yes because you know who I am to judge me ya looti. Maybe I am blessed being a strong man and I do not expect every man to be a man anyway. But even if they were HALF men… there was more than 10 people who can all jump on this guy and stop him. I am not saying every guy should be superman.. BUT ALL THE STREEET was scared of a fckin knife?????Not even knife 3waysiye?

          L3ama berabkon shu kisseyet. Lebneniyye KSAIS.. bas shatreen teklo khara w te7ko. Wleh lneswen hajamo yse3doo.. kiss immak 3a im kill wa7ad kisseye…

        • Tony is a little bitch, scared of a knife. All it takes is 1 car to run that big bitch over, he’ll a woman could football tackle that punk easily. Your just a little girl, fuck your opinion little bitch. If your a man, do what a man’s gotta do and help one another. Tony just list your address so we can all come fuck u up now please… smh dumb cunt

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  5. If Tarek walks out of this a free man, I say we make a team of vigilantes of say, 10 people, and make sure we physically bring back justice to the likes of this unjust abomination of a man. This vigilante team will include one person from each major Lebanese sect so as to make things fair and balanced. Min bi shil?

    • That’s a great idea, and listen to what is even better; death sentences aren’t fair enough for such pigs (it’s a relief indeed, because they’re sick people and they surely have rough lives), he should be tortured the rest of his life to the level where he will beg for death, and don’t get it.

    • no dnt be stupid, we take him stuff him in a trunk and send him back to jail with all the people we can get, if hes freed again then we know who to blame and where to start burning

  6. OUT OFF ALL THE MEN AROUND THEM !!! NONE OFF THEM TRIED TO HELP?? were are our LEBANESE characteristics “bde2o atle , w ma7ada byekserle rase, w ma men5af men7ada” .I guess when we need them the most we just chicken out and watch the show .
    Any one could’ve stopped that criminal.
    Its either you grow a pair off balls and at least try to help the victim or you chicken out and think only of your self . I guess every one on that street left a man behind.
    Other than that I would like to say what a peace of shit that guy Tarek Yatim is.
    I wish I could stick that knife up his ass !!

  7. And where is the police while all this was going on. Shame. I am so disgusted by all that I see. An innocent person dies for no reason and a broken young family. Lebanon wake up.

  8. @tony and @all those who stood doing nothing: People like you ARE the problem in our country: selfish and don’t give a dam about humanity. Just for your limited brain and heart capability: there many ways that you can intervene and help, such as throwing a heavy thing on him or getting a bunch of people all together and attach him. If this happened to someone close to you then expect it to be normal for NOBODY to help them!

    • im a humanitarian myself who contribute to two NGO. what is YOUR contribution to humanity? throwing words on random blogs? cunt


    • it is easy to give lessons after knowing all the facts….. No one of the bystanders probably knew TY, and no one imagined it would go that far….

  9. I am a Lebanese man living in Canada for the last 25 years and we in Canada don’t have the Capital punishment.
    I do have two statements that i need to express myself with:
    First: most of the Lebanese people have guns in their possession and I think someone should have shot him in his head.
    Second If the first one didn’t happen maybe because no one with guns was near the incident, this guy along his Female friend should be killed the same way, not by the Police but by the people, friends or family…..
    One more thing, if he is backed by a politician, then they should bring the politicianand do the same to him.

  10. @tony You wouldn’t intervene if you were there on your own, maybe you’re right. Why bother.
    But there were literally over 30 neanderthals standing there doing nothing, one of them was even leaning against a ledge holding his waist. I’m sure they could’ve stopped that piece of shit. Hit his with a cement block on his head or something, stop him from being an oxygen-waster.
    Air bhal balad el zbele

    • About why the passers by didn’t interfere. Here’s how these things usually go down. A fight starts, passers by take notice, they assume it’s just another altercation and certainly don’t assume it will end with dead casualties, so they stand back and watch specially like in this case where the two people in the fight are both huge men. Had their been a little guy or a woman being overtaken by an aggressor, the passers by would have interfered. Now when the stabbing began, the onlookers just panicked no feared for their lives as the stabber clearly is out of control. Only thing we could have hoped for in such a case is a driver ramming the stabber with their car or an armed guy shooting him down.

  11. Why every accident happened in Lebanon the whole country gets cursed and haters use it as an excuse and start spraying their poison left right and center ?
    Who gave the right of that article to be published as such ? Who is that writer behind ? Where is the censorship authorities ? This worse than the merder being highlighted

    • Lak KOL khara!!!!!!

      Shu baddak na3mellak party??? Ayri feek w Bi lebnenak el khara. D7asho bteezal.. It is people like you that are the sheep who have no problem in living in a fucking farm..

  12. I suggest instead of making a team of 10 and beating up whoever is there, and facing violence with violence I suggest you do what I did back in 2010 when the Maison Blanc insident happened, close your SGBL account if you have any and encourage anyone you know to do so, try to rally big business men to pull their funds and close their account and let us bring SBGL down.

    This is what I suggested on my facebook page:

    I think we all know what has been going on since 2010 since the sub-human Yatim started showing on the scene and doing his crimes and always be set free and we all know why, we all know that he works for a very famous banker and that banker owns SGBL, if the Lebanese people want justice let everyone who has an account in SGBL close it and let that bank fall apart. We doubt that after this Yatim can be protected. I closed my SGBL account when yatim and his master attacked the club in Sodeco in 2009… I advise everyone to do so, Boycott SGBL and you would be doing a lot of people a lot of justice.
    That is my humble opinion. In a country of Mafia that is above the law, if Yatim is convicted 100 other Yatims exist… Let us try to kick corruption and immorality where it hurts, their money.

    • I agree on every word you said but one. Its not spelled “banker” is this case, its spelled “bankster”. In times of emotions, I respect your academic/diplomatic approach to the issue , this is what I’ve been telling all along to friends ects.. only to be confronted by people saying that bystanders are pussies and should have acted. they are cunts themselves for not taking action against SGBL. I will there would be a protest in front of Sahnaoui’s home in Ashrafie. Once and for all lets kick this bastard to Roumieh’s bloc B

  13. Things could have been much simpler than it was. Taking on the pursuit to track down the vehicle, instead of reporting it in as they should have had once after obtaining the plate number and headed on with their lives. Like what could anyone expect to confront after following an absconding felon? Apologies and kisses??? Unfortunate how no brave characters were around to obliterate that mongrel’s violence… Keep on driving with your seatbelts folks, that’s what we need to be focused on right now, RIGHT??

  14. They should hang you Toni and Tarek too . You for giving a stupid comment and Tarek for butchering he innocent man . And above all that pee on you and Tarek

    • ya amounaa shou bek hbb? hahah you made me laugh for putting me on the same boat with Tarek. listen, someone who wishes the death of someone else is a criminal as well. what makes you better than Tarek. Actually in this case Tarek is better since he did his crime in a road rage, while you are wanting the death of someone with your conscience in place. if you are for the death penalty that makes you a criminal as well. completely unethical and inhumane. yalla 3al beit ya amouna

  15. “coward”.
    “even women have more balls than you”.
    “death penalty”.

    and then you complain about lebanon being a “jungle”, when the jungle is actually in your mind, my friends.

  16. I would like to clarify something that you wrote in your post… Arthur Nazarian is probably one of the only ministers (if not the only one) not to have bodyguards, so before blaming him of not sending them, you should probably research more the facts… I love how everyone seems to throw the blame on the by standards, then on the minister and his none existing bodyguards… I wish someone that was actually at the site of the crime had a weapon to defend Georges and his wife, but that wasn’t the case… Stop throwing blame instead try to make sure that the monster that committed this horrible crime is punished this time around…,

  17. I’m a woman and I would have tried to help the man that was being stabbed. There is no excuse not to. Meaning if it was just one person trying to help, I get it, it would have been much harder, but there were a bunch of bystanders. I don’t care how cracked out he was and violent, there must have been something these people could have done. You’re gonna tell me that no one had a stick or whatever to smack him with it when he was busy stabbing???? No man, this is unforgivable. It’s a shame, a very sad and pathetic incident and even worse, that people did nothing!!!

  18. To whoever wrote is article.
    Lebanon can be a Jungle but anywhere else can also be a jungle… I’ve visited a lot of countries and every single one of them has its flaws, whether you are lebanese , african, asian, hispanic… IT DOES NOT MATTER. Every culture has degenerate people like this specific individual. Do you not hear about killing initiations for gang members in the United states? people have been killed for less than that. This guy is an animal, he deserves to rot in hell. But lebanon is not a jungle. It is true that Lebanese politicians are shitty but they are the way they are, the country is somewhat dealing with it. Corruption happens everywhere, anybody could commit a murder and he has his connections he can get away with it.
    Are you judging lebanon and lebanese people solely on their negative actions? This is really easy to do, and if its done, everybody will stay in their country and not move to go anywhere.
    So please do not Judge on certain facts. I am sure that you have been to lebanon and have seen it other than the jungle. Please do not post crap like this anymore.

    • crimes happen in every place in the world, but we are talking about Corruption, this man has been loose and he could be easily put in jail but he is not because he is a bodyguard of a man who has money and power, First the saying :”this happens everywhere not just in Lebanon” is sorry for the word “idiotic” SO WHAT? if it happens everywhere so that means Lebanon is not a jungle? it happens in countries that are jungles like Brazil for example, You cannot compare anyway Seriously you are comparing the USA to Lebanon? if USA was a country of 4 million inhabitants this wouldn’t have happened, our crime rate has rocketed sky high because of political and money power and protection of the criminals. Lebanon IS A JUNGLE, go drive a car in the street and see, we have 0 standards, 0 safety standards, 0 maturity, our police is useless, our politicians are simple thieves, our infrastructure are similar to that of barbaric countries, we pay for example one of the highest road tax rates in the world we have the worst roads ever, we are in 2015 and we don’t have 24/24 electricity, wlak 3aib sti7o 3a 7alkoun ba2a, as long as we keep this poetic and idiotic rhetorical that Lebanon is not one of the most retarded defunct and jungle/farm like country, as long a we don’t stop lying to ourselves to feel better about our country and start being critical and do self-critic, then this country will never advance, we are idiots for pretending that we live in anything but a farm.

  19. Wow, you go from reading an eye- opening, well written piece on the murder to comments below oozing a similar kind of hatred, intolerance, and aggression that caused the murder in the first place.

    Seriously guys, it seems like everyone is missing the point. People talk about the solution being getting rid of these politicians and so on, and having a proper justice system. But it seems many people are even oblivious to the actual problem – which lies in the over polished ego of the Lebanese man. Feelin offended now? That’s exactly what I thought. Once people learn to respect different opinions, listen to one another, accept criticism, and overcome their egos, then people can start fruitfully talking about solutions.

    I agree that due to our history, we’ve developed an attitude of distrust towards strangers and overprotection. It’s a natural outcome of war and sectarianism. That does not mean it has to stay with us forever. The people reading this article are here because they all agree on the atrocity of this murder, so instead of championing Jad’s view that Elie was a coward or Marks view that Hasan, Dany, and Nabil are less educated and thus know less, why don’t we unite in solidarity towards Georges’s family and learn from the mistakes made there. Otherwise we’re no different from those aggressive drivers.

  20. Its easy now, knowing the outcome of the unfortunate event (the passing of Georges al Rif) to blame bystanders and call others weak or inhuman for not stepping in. The truth is the vast majority would NOT have interfered, and saying you would have if you were there is just bullshit that someone sitting in the comfort of their homes feeling brave behind their laptops would say.

    The huge man with a knife in his hand is clearly insane and would have easily, ‘easily’ killed anyone who stepped in and tried to interfere. Again, in hindsight you could say if 3 or 4 jumped in together, they would have had a better chance, but these things happen so quick, onlookers are usually in shock, the last thing on their minds is to organize an attack with fellow onlookers, against a madman with a weopan.

    About the idea of boycotting SGBL, truth be told, is not the solution, unless you can convince 100’s of thousands of clients to do so (which will never happen), plus: Antoun Sehnaoui if you think about it, has no blame in this. One of his bodyguards lost control in a personal issue. He should be punished, not his employer, unless you sincerely believe Sehnaoui ordered Yatim to kill Georges for whatever reason.

    One idea that might work ( I repeat ‘might’) is a continuous non stop protest demanding justice be served, and Tarek Yatim is jailed for life. The problem is for the protest to be heard (and im not talking about 20-30 people with slogans on the side of the road), a major road should be blocked or something equally significant (airport, ministry etc..) and chances are the authorities will react, possibly physically. In my heart, I fear and believe this will be a forgotten event in a few weeks time, and our jungle will continue to function as it always has. The Yves Nawfal murder and countless others are proof to that.

    True change is when we stop electing the same morons. But that will never happen too because our laws and systems are flawed, and corruption reigns supreme. Those in power will stay in power, and then their sons will take over, and so on, and so on….unless something radical happens. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it though..

    • You make lots of sense in everything you said, especially the last part about electing the same pigs over and over again. It is like Lebanese people WANT this way of living. Why are they electing these same people? Why do they love them so much? What have these people done to them or to the country? It is truly AMAZING how these guys keep getting elected every fckin yeat and NOw Jumblan has his Son, and khara klaib has his son and the loop NEVER EVER ENDS!

      Still, it is very strange that a street full of men and no one even bothered not to beat the big guy.. but to spread them apart. The guy’s back was fully uncovered. It would have taken ONE hit even a cheap shot on his head to knock him down. Yes, not every man is bruce lee or super man.. But common man… Every fight anywhere, people run to spread the fighter apart. What happened here??

    • Samer you seem to have missed the point where this person has committed so many crimes and was always set free because he is protected by Sohnawi, who never allowed him to get convicted, when the incident of sodeco happened, Sahnawi (who actually ordered the shooting back then) just took his dog and left and the second day left the country for vacation in a clear message that they are above the state.
      If Sahnawi was put down this criminal will be convicted in no time, but as long as Sahnawi is not allowing his conviction then he will be free, if he was stopped in any of the 5 known incidents before this one George would have been alive, IN that regard Sahnawi is a mafia inhuman low life who should be dealt with because he is the reason people like Yatim are loose (of course he is not the only one, another example is most people who are occupying the parliament now and call themselves Parliament members and are actually traits of the nation).
      You do not need to have 100% people close their accounts, even a 20% of mall to medium account withdrawal will harm the bank extremely, and will put some pressure, 50% of all small and medium accounts (Between 100 and 5000$) can cripple the band, we are not even talking about big accounts here. It is doable if the Lebanese can commit…

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  23. LBK, I can feel your anger, and believe me we all are, but i’ll say again, we can’t blame the onlookers, who were just in shock and didn’t know how badly things would end. Im sure if they had a chance to go back in time, they would have done things differently. Ba3den there is a difference between a fight in school where 2 people are pushing and shoving, and a fight in the middle of the street where one big guy is completely out of control and needs extreme measures to be stopped.

    Bassam, for what its worth, Sehnaoui’s office/lawyer has publicly called for the conviction of Yatim, and that he gets maximum punishment. Whether its just PR, and they are helping him behind the scenes, is not known yet. But I doubt he has killed before, even in the famous Sodeco incident. If Sehanoui is smart, he’d distance himself from Yatim and let him take the fall for his mistake. Defending him in any way will be suicide (image wise).

    Instead of closing an SGBL account, and opening elsewhere (paying a minimum of $100 in fees), why not donate to the victims family (there is already a fund), that amount or a portion of it. Don’t you think it will do more good?

    • I didn’t say Yatim killed anyone before, you seem to have forgotten or out of touch and that is our problem as lebanese we have a very short memory and this is why we do nothing, I am talking about the shooting, no one was killed but those who were wounded and sued Yatim we put in Jail instead of Yatim… Sahnawi is one of the roots of the problem, Yatim is simply a psychopath that was hired by that low life. He is not the only one but he is one of those who gave the finger to all the Lebanese in 2010 and laughed at everyone who asked for Justice (I even heard he entered the Justice Palace with armed bodyguards into the court). It did not cost me anything to close and open anywhere else btw (I opened in Blom) helping the victim family is a noble thing but it is just a way for us to escape from facing the problem, we the Lebanese people deserve every bit of what is happening because we always find a way to not face the person in power. As long as we are that passive and that scared we won’t get anywhere, making SGBL lose a bit of its market share is the least we can do to let the whores in the mafia know that we will not tolerate them. And what else do you expect other than condemnation, Yatim is a dog, when it gets to much he make him the scapegoat, and he get another dog… And I am willing to bet that whoever will replace Yatim will not be any better, Sahnawi should have been targeted ever since he did the immoral move of ordering (proven by investigations) his dogs to shoot in the club then went out drinking his drink and la ayro… this is what we should stop the people who think they are untouchable and above the law and the state.
      I know that the idea won’t happen Lebanese people are as I said passive, if they had the balls and the mind we wouldn’t have been in this situation in any case. Again I truly believe that if a miracle happens and the people mobilised and fucked his bank, then the rest of the Mafia will think twice before they break all the rules and not give a fuck.

      PS my name is Bassem and not Bassam. And yes I am angry as fuck, not at Yatim, I have no anger feeling towards him, because he is simply a sick person, my anger is towards this useless people, we do not deserve more than a farm because we are passive animals (and that is an insult to animals)

      • This is why the smart Lebanese people leave this shitty country. The brightest people leave and the dumbest stay and at the end, you end up with a country whose majority are ignorant low lives.

        Please do not call Yatim or his kind by “dog”… Have you ever owned a dog? It kills me why the term “Dog” is a bad word in Arabic countries. Dogs are BEAUTIFUL creatures and if you ever own one, you will respect them more than most humans.


  24. Its continous irony that people suspected of terrorism spend years in prison without even a trial … and politicians and animals convited without doubt of crimes and terrorism acts continue to linger in the streets… and lebanese continue to be prod of this jungle they live in


  26. Some are calling others STUPID for having an opinion. Some are dragging parties of another person and blaming them for what happened. Some are being logic, but no need to address each others in that trashy manner, it only shows that this is truly a jungle, full of monkeys, full of monkeys applauding a speech from a leader who lived during our civil war, wand blaming another leader who went through the same shit. while we are forgetting two main points here. 1) WE ARE FROM A COMPLETE DIFFERENT GENERATION, AND WITHOUT US THEY ARE NOTHING TODAY, THEY SHOULD BE APPLAUDING US, FEAR US BECAUSE WITHOUT US THEY HAVE LITERALLY NOTHING. (oh dear how many stupid girl you are i will be called after this, which will prove the blindness). and 2) THIS ABOUT A COLD MURDER DONE BY A MAN WHO HAS NO HEART, SINCE HE DID IT BEFORE. STOP DRIFTING FROM THIS FACT YOU AIRHEADS, STOP BRINGING LEADER THIS AND LEADER THAT INTO THIS STORY! we should stand together as one for justice will only come through our voice united.

  27. I really hope the day will come when we all stop unleashing all of our aggression on eachother, and learn to respect one another. Someone just got stabbed here and everyone is fighting eachother to claim their view point is te most just, as is usually the case. “You uneducated cunts” “you this you that”. If you want to make a difference and ensure justice prevails then you must try to dump all of this aggression and rage out of the country instead of recycling it, on eachother. You want to make sure that people will step in and help out because you think that’s the right thing, then lead by example instead of blasting people and stepping on tier integrity. Then maybe you can get rid of that road rage to begin with! The reasons everyone mentioned are certainly true, but how bout considering the fact that most people have supreme egos that constantly need pampering in the form of hammering others to prove ones viewpoint is right, belittling others to prove they’re right and using aggression (be it verbal or physical) to make a point..what happened to being peaceful to eachother. Now I know exactly what the pessimists are thinking, but let me tell you this: Lebanon does not need any more macho men, with egos over the top. Look around you now and see how many identical like that exist…you think aggression and more ego driven will solve any of these issues? Try leading by example, taking responsibility for your actions (yes deep down we are all somehow to blame for what happened – and we are usually more to blame for things than we think) and showing respect, otherwise one is not too different from the person who caused this mess.

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