Adel Termos: The Lebanese Hero Of the Borj el Barajneh Terrorist Attacks

45. The number means utterly nothing, and I’m sad to say that even after today this number will still mean nothing. We’re a country that never learned and will never learn. It’s just a bomb. It will always be just a bomb.

We call them martyrs. But they did not choose to die that way, burned bodies melting on the tarmac of a neighborhood they called home, their only fault was to live in an area that demographics and politics dictated would be related to this faction or the other.

We call them martyrs, because it’s easier to lump them under one title, to pretend they’re all the same, to pretend that knowing their names is not important, to make it easier for us to comprehend. We call them martyrs to dehumanize them, even more than the dehumanization that occurs with the politicization of those victims that’s contingent upon the area targeted.

But they are people. And they are somebody’s loved ones. And there are families tonight that were whole and complete a few hours ago, and they are sitting now maimed and shattered because of cowards, of abominations that dare to call themselves human beings.

Tonight, politics are irrelevant. Tonight is about the people and this country whose people are dying, and burning, and whose lives are being lost for absolutely no purpose.

Tonight, Haidar lost his mother and father. Shawki Droubi and Khodr Aleddine, a nurse, were lost to their families. Hussein Mostapha passed away with his wife, leaving their son behind. Samer, a Syrian father of two who fled horrors in his country, was killed in what he had feared back home, and Hussein, a Palestinian man whose family sought refuge here, also passed away. Alaa Awad, a third year law student, was also among the victims. Rawan Awad was a school teacher. Hanady Joumaa, Bilal Hammoud, Ahmad Awwada, Rawan Atwi were among the victims too.


They are not nameless.

45 is a number that could have been much, much higher if it weren’t for the bravery and courage of one man named Adel Termos, a father of two. When the first suicide bomber committed the first terrorist attack, Adel saw the second one approaching the crowds gathering outside the targeted mosque.

He ran at him and tackled him, causing the second terrorist to self-detonate. Tonight, Adelis no longer of this world, but his legacy will live on for years, and the repercussions of his heroism will become a tale to tell: Adel is the reason we are not talking about fatalities in the three digits today, he is the reason some families still have their sons, daughters, fathers and mothers, he is a Lebanese hero whose name should be front and center in every single outlet.


Adel’s story holds striking resemblance to that of Abou Ali Issa who did the same thing when his city Tripoli was attacked earlier this year. The parallelism is horrifying. It also shows how this country is always going in circles: terrorists attack, people die, heroes emerge, and all is forgotten in a week or a month. The politics maybe change, but with so many victims dying for so little, petty politics become irrelevant.

May all the victims of tonight’s terrorism rest in peace.

55 thoughts on “Adel Termos: The Lebanese Hero Of the Borj el Barajneh Terrorist Attacks

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  3. Thank you for writing this story for everyone to know! He is truly a hero and should not be forgotten. May all the victims rest in peace.

  4. Feeling sad for you all. I am from Pakistan and I can really feel the pain. I am sorry for the loss and yes Adel is a true hero.

  5. La presse française parle du soldat américain décoré par Obama mais il ne faut pas oublier Adel Termos et Abou Ali Issa, héros et pères de famille!

  6. When hero’s die we meet up at night and light candles to honor those that died.
    It unifies communities that together they will overcome


  7. Comme c’est triste pour les 45 victimes!
    Comme il est beau le cœur d’Adel, il a donné sa vie pour sauver tant de monde!! RIP!

  8. With your permision I´ll share this, so the world remember there´s always something we can do to stop (even if just a bit, and temporarily) the horror of those who only use violence to make their wishes prevail over the rest of the good willed people. Peace and good luck to all.

  9. Absolute Hero. Words cannot describe the bravery and selflessness of this man. I hope he will rest in peace knowing the many lives his actions saved. RIP Adel and his daughter and RIP every fallen victim of these mallicous and evil terrorist attacks.

  10. Thank you for a beautiful article…thank you for showing the pictures of,those who died, it is so important…the media completely made it sound like the attack was on Hezbollah headquarters and that it was Hezbollah militants who died. The reality is very different. These were innocent victims, normal people just going on with their day. And all very beautiful people.please clear up the story of the whether the hero’s daughter is alive, otherwise it sounds as if he sacrificed his daughter along with himself…

  11. Beautifully said . Adel is a true hero and he also makes us think if we would have done the same thing if we were at his shoes?
    R.i.p. Adel and everyone who died tragically in attack on Beirut .

  12. Beautifully said . Adel is a true hero and he also makes us think if we would have done the same thing if we were at his shoes?

    May all the victims of tonight’s terrorism rest in peace.

  13. Hi, my name is Alyssa Risi. Recently I started a campaigne on Go Fund Me in honor of Adel Termos. The money raised will be donated to Zahra Atat, Adel’s wife. In order for this all to work, I need to get the email of Zahra and I was wondering if you could possibly provide that for me if you have spoken to her. Thank you!
    Alyssa Risi

    • As ugly as this may sound to save the people there must be blood shed. It pains me to hear about the father leaving behind his daughter(s). I can only hope I would have the courage it took to do the same.

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  16. Beautifully written. Thank you for providing faces to the names and honoring a father who committed such a selfless act to save so many. However, it’s just sad that his daughter had to witness the aftermath of her father’s heroism. Thank you again.

  17. Thank you for writing this. Thank you for sharing your heart. Please keep doing it. The only way forward that I see is if we connect, we join hearts, we feel each other’s pain. I cry for your people too. Your lives do matter. Thank you for speaking up. I will too.

  18. Thank you for sharing the story of this heroic man. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, as well as the other victims of this horrible act. I pray for a united world to stop the atrocities Daesh is committing against good people of many different faiths and nationalities.

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  20. Cowards are soon forgotten but the sacrifice of heroes stands eternal. The heroism of Adel Termos will be remembered long after the defilers of Islam have been relegated to the dust bin of history.

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  22. A lovely tribute to Adel, a precious human being who put the lives of others before his own. A true representative of ‘love they neighbor as thyself’. And indeed it is truly important to let the world know of his ultimate heroic act. May his young children proudly grow and be exemplary citizens of the world, and may his wife (and extended family and friends) find the strength to smile and keep his spirit alive in knowing of the enormous love he had.
    Adele E. (Arizona)

  23. It is sad to hear of anyone willing to take innocent life. Just as there are those that wish to take life, there are those that cherish life and, like Adel Termos, willing to sacrifice for another. Just as there is hate in all parts of the world, there is also love. I pray that more and more people will spend less devotion to politics, religion, racial prejudice and nationality. I pray that more and more people will spend more time with loving all people everywhere. Adel must have had a very good heart and would have been a honor to know such a person. It is good his story is told that it may give hope in love to a world that at times may seem to have no love. May the Peace of the Lord be with his family and all in the world.

  24. Heart breaking story. I feel terrible for Adel’s family but thank them for their sacrifice. People like Adel are our only true defense against this sort of terrorism, it is very sad yet this is the world we live in.

    Look forward to visiting Beirut and escaping this Alaskan winter my family one day.

  25. Thank you for telling us this story. Here in California everyone I know does care about all the people who are living and dying with such horrors – but we rarely hear much on our news beyond the numbers; names are only mentioned if there is a local connection. You have put human faces on the numbers. You have made a measurable difference in the world. You have helped to bring us all a little bit closer together.

  26. What a beautiful heart breaking story. Thank you for telling it. Prayers of peace to the victims families. Prayers that one day this senseless killing of innocent people will come to an end. The American people feel your pain and we stand with you because all lives matter.

  27. brought tears actually reading about his courage (coz very few would make this kind of split level choice in reality), but to know for sure that he will be granted paradise in the hereafter, is something special to witness… A Matyr to be remembered…

  28. Thank you for this article. We are reading and sharing it with friends and fellow journalists in Montana and beyond. May Adel Termos never be forgotten. Peace to all.

  29. Thank you SO much for bringing this to the attention of (hopefully) the world or at least more of us, especially in the West. While I am saddened by the tragedy in Paris this past Friday, I am more sad about the fact that every day in places like Africa, Middle East , Southeast Asia, Central America, South America violence occurs and we take so little notice of it. No one should ever feel unsafe in their homes or on their streets. THANK you again for sharing this story.

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  33. I am greatly saddened to hear of this tragedy, but at the same time, I rejoice in knowing that there are those in the world who care more about others than themselves and go to the sacrifice this man did to save those around him. Adel Termos probably didn’t give his actions a second thought, and suffice it to say, if I am truly being honest with myself, I am probably among those who might have hesitated to act as Adel Termos did in this situation. I feel most unworthy to even comment about this great man and his actions, but it makes me rethink some of my opinions about the world we live in as well as making me want to live my life like Adel Termos did- with honor, courage, and utmost care for those around me. Long live Adel Termos and may his family be blessed beyond comprehension forever and find peace during the midst of this terrible sacrifice and time of sadness.

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  35. Many thanks for sharing this moving story with us. It have warmed my hard in the cold and windy evening in Vancouver. This heroic act shows that we have great people all around the world who are able to sacrifice their lives for the good of others. Adel Termos brought people of Beirut closer to my heart. He will never be forgotten. May the Peace of the Lord be with his family and all in the world. With love from Canada.

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  37. As a father,ex-soldier,human being, I struggle to find words to speak about this great man.eternal thanks, peace and blessings to his parents,siblings,wife,children and entire family and friends for the gift of this man of honor and courage. There is a new immortal hero to inspire the entire world on how to live. I will keep his memory alive in great respect.

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