Dear Donald Trump, Meet My Very Scary Muslim Friends

Donald Trump does not want Muslims to enter America, at least until he can be sure what those Muslims are planning. You know, all 1.5 billion plus of those Muslims. Yes, all of them must be in on that very scary Muslim plan that they conceived one scary afternoon when no one was looking, as they all huddled together and decided that the only thing they’d want to do in their lifetime is not survive because most Muslims are not really living, not make ends meet, not finish school and find a job and try to better themselves, not to build families and communities, not to just pray 5 times a day to Allah and fast Ramadan and be good people just because they should be.


What those Muslims have planned is something much scarier. If only anyone knew what that plan is. So Donald Trump, let us meet my very scary Muslim friends together.

This is Oula, on the far left, with her beautiful family.


Oula is a 24 year old newly graduated doctor, and a hell of a good one at that. She can handle the best of emergencies efficiently. She can save lives effortlessly, and if it comes down to it, she would also save yours in a heartbeat because that’s the kind of people she is. And look at her celebrating Christmas with her family. Do you think that’s part of the plan, too?

This is Mostapha, with his wife Dima.


Mostapha is also a doctor. He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders every single day. He worries  about his friends more than they worry about themselves. Mostapha is not only the most selfless person I know, he would probably define the word selfless in a dictionary. He just returned from giving blood to my grandfather, who happens to be Christian. Do you think that’s part of the plan? Infusing their blood into the unknowing masses?

This is Zaher.


Zaher helps run one of my country’s most established and known sweets-factories. He’ll send a few kilos of those absolutely delicious Arabian sweets, poison free I promise. Zaher is a father of two adorable little girls, but his main concern nowadays is that the new Star Wars movie be up to scratch.

This is Hiba.


Hiba is a dentist, and also the mother of the most adorable two year old you will meet whose name is Sacha. It’s pronounced Sasha, but written with a C. Don’t ask. Hiba’s friends are from all kinds of kinds. She was raised on tolerance, and like her sister Hala, who is also a doctor, practice tolerance in all that they do. I can’t say the same about you.

This is Ahmad with his wife Anya.


Ahmad is a physiotherapist. And he’d probably done one hell of a good work on his back if you asked him to, or probably not. She’s Romanian, so you probably wouldn’t have a problem with her. His main care in the world is providing for his family, in a country where his profession is a cut-throat competition. But you know nothing about living a tough life now, do you?

These are the Syrian refugees your country is receiving in spite of what you want, and they are all my friends too.

They’ve been to hell and back, not only at the hands of the hellish regime in their country and the terrorist forces pillaging their homes and their lives, but also in the bureaucratic process required for them to be granted entry into your borders. You’d do well read their stories on “Humans of New York” except you’re not human, so you wouldn’t understand.

This is Aylan Kurdi. And he too was my friend.

Aylan Kurdi f

As his body adorned the ruthless shores of Turkey, did your conscience budge in the tiniest bit Mr. Trump? Did you think, just for a second, that this was a human being worth of your sentiment and not of your judgment? Or was he just another Muslim, who was in on that big hellish Muslim plan?

I honestly and from the deepest parts of my heart wish on you, Mr. Trump, never to be subjected to what these people had to go through: I hope you never know what it is to see your loved ones die in front of you. I hope you never know what it is to see your home destroyed as you drive away from it. I hope you never know what it is to be stuck in limbo, not knowing how to move on with your life or what to do. I hope you never have your worth as a human be valued by how much you can contribute to a society. I hope you never have to be labeled as a terrorist until proven otherwise when you are ALWAYS a perpetual victim. I hope you never have to deal with the likes of you.

These are the more than a billion Muslim in the world, Mr. Trump, who live in hellish conditions, whose lives are always contingent upon powers higher up doing whatever they please with their homes simply because they exist on profitable lands, and whose worth as human beings is always dependent on the net price of the oil barrel.

These are the more than a billion Muslim in the world who scare you but are incapable of doing any harm to you, while you get people to hate them, to draw weapons at them for simply existing, for believing that they are worthless.

Except you are not a hater of all Muslims, isn’t that right? Or is it that you only love those rich Muslims who build golf courses in your name and whose name you can use to say that you have “some Muslims who agree with you” akin to those people who have “gay friends” who agree with them that gay marriage is an abomination.

Isn’t that you with Hussain Sajwani, head of Dubai’s DAMAC group?

Trump Damac

Entertain me for a moment, Mr. Trump, and answer this: How is it that you will screen for Muslims entering your beloved country on its path to greatness? Is their a Muslim gene you isolated? Will you get them to recite Quran verses? Where would that place me, a non-Muslim, who knows quite a few of Quran verses? Do you need me to recite them now or would that scare you?

What you’re saying Donald Trump is not scary. Let me call it what it is, because most American journalists are somehow still shying away from using the word with you: it’s disgusting, revolting, bigoted, racist, Nazi-like and inhumane. Is your middle name Adolf? If not, I suggest you change it to that because the last time someone had such a message broadcast in such a way was post WWI in Germany and we all know how that turned out to be.

The scary part, Mr. Trump, is that there are people paying to hear you, itching to shout your name, holding it on signs to proclaim they want their country to be great again.

I doubt that those people rooting for you know what greatness means. It is not to be a racist, which you are. It is not to be a bigot, which you are. It is not to be despicable, which those people are channeling every time they answer a poll proclaiming you as their choice. It is to be wholesome, accepting, tolerant, encompassing of change and of others who are different and who can induce change. Being great is not to be so politically dim-witted as to jump on whichever messages offends people enough to grab headlines, but to know that cause and effect, in politics, do not have a causal relationship.

To the people supporting Donald Trump, I say this: may you never be in need, in full blown despair, not knowing where tomorrow would lead you or how you are going to make it through the night, and then have someone just like you stand and say: you deserve it.

America being great again is not America refusing to be what it has always been: a country of immigrants. A country that is so afraid of what it is cannot simply be, and this is coming from someone who lives in a country that has simply been, despite all odds, and will be, in spite of them.

In a world where you are lumping an entire religion into one basket, you have to be thankful no one is lumping all Americans into yours. People applauding you does not mean what you’re saying is worth anything. It means that in that circle of jokers and jesters, you are the biggest clown.


20 thoughts on “Dear Donald Trump, Meet My Very Scary Muslim Friends

  1. As a Lebanese American who values human life, I thank you for pointing out that all people everywhere should be judged by their character and not their ethnicity.


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  3. May I remind you that in Islamic law, “crimes” like homosexuality and apostasy are punishable by death? There are various in the hadith that support this. Hardline Islamox countries like Iran and Saudi still enforce these laws. Countries like Turkey, Jordan and Tunisia are seen as moderate because they don’t follow Islamic Shariah 100 per cent. Is Islam only good as long as you practice half of it? That doesn’t make it a good religion in my opinion.

    So maybe Donald Trump went too far by proposing a ban on Muslims . But I agree with him when he says Islam is not compatible with American values. Islam is not even compatible with human rights.


    • May I remind you as well Bob that in non Islamic law, like Christian or Jewish laws, homosexuality is also cause for castration from society, whether by killing of the body or the soul? A homosexual in Lebanon is anally probed by Christian policemen and not by a Muslim sheikh…

      Islam is not compatible with human rights? Where do you live? What human rights are you talking about? Biggest violators of the right of humans to live are countries that are non Muslim. For example, Israel with its rape of indigenous Palestinian people’s land , its racist treatment of non European Jews and non Jews, and the USA with its lack of gun control laws and its wars of aggression the world all over. Get your shit together man..


      • I’m sorry Roger, but your argument is invalid. I’m not trying to judge followers of any faith. There are good Muslims just like there are good Jews and good Christians. I’m criticizing the faith itself and its teachings.

        All religions are flawed. Christianity may not hold a favorable view of homosexuals but there is nothing in the Bible that endorses the death penalty for gays. The problem with Islam is that it does not separate religion from state. Sharia provides a detailed set of laws that covers all aspects of human life.
        In a purely Islamic state, you can get lashes or be condemned to death for something as simple as changing your faith. Knowing this, can anyone in his right mind believe that Islam is a peaceful religion? If Islam is compatible with human rights why does it fail miserably as a governing body? Haven’t you noticed that the more a country relies on Islamic law, the more backward and unjust it is?

        I’m tired of Muslim apologists. It’s time the world acknowledges the evil and barbaric nature of Islam.


        • I am sorry. I can’t forgive the backwardness of some groups like Christians and Jews while condemning the backwardness of another group like Muslims. I can either support all silly sorts of fairy tales or do the right thing and stand against such lies and promote education an advancement. I can’t say, well I am on the side of logic but hey, I still subscribe to this or that big lie but never to the lie of Islam, that’s too much for my taste..

          That like living in some Star Wars movie and saying that I am on the side of the Jedis and not on the side of the Dark Force. It’s all lies man. You can’t have one lie and not have another.


      • Roger, you are deviating from the subject in order to make a point. I also believe that all religions are fairy tales but that is not my point. People are entitled to believe whatever they want.
        My point is that Islam is more dangerous to society than any other religion. And I’ll tell you why:

        When a Christian kills a gay person he is not doing so under. The Bible states that homosexuality is a sin, but it doesn’t go as far as prescribing the death penalty for gays. It actually considers killing a sin.

        When a Muslim kills a homosexual or an apostate, he’s only acting in accordance with his religion. There are several passages in the hadith that can justify his violence.

        It’s true that Isis often misinterprets Islam. But many of the barbaric crimes committed by Isis, from cutting the hands of thieves to stoning adulterers, are actually derived from Islamic teachings. And that’s the dangerous part.


        • My point is that when people subscribe to some ideas fanatically, they become violent when they feel the need to defend those ideas. This happens only when these people are not given the choice to learn about anything other than what their religion (or political party as another example) preaches. We have seen throughout history violent fanaticism from Christians, Jews, Buddhists (yes Buddhists), Hindus, Nazis and more recently Neo Nazis, Communists, Right Wing Conservatives and many more like G.W. Bush’s Reborn Christians (which helped with the atrocities of the Iraq war.)

          Today, when you chose to target Islam as the biggest threat to humanity, you really come off as very narrow minded. The conduit for violence has many shapes and forms. It just so happens that today it comes in forms like fanatic Islamism and ultra right wing Judaism or hawkish capitalism of oil and gas economies.

          As for the violent teachings in Islam, remember that the very same and in many worse ones are found in the Bible. See the video I linked to below.


  4. Blablablaablablaa, let me tell you something , did the world care abt Armenians in WW I ??Nooo, sooo noone shoukd care abt jews or muslims dying ,
    Get over itttt ,nooonee caredddd , theeey onkyyy ohotographeddd ,noooneee careddd , nowww thatss the punishment theyll get


  5. Blablablaaablaaa,did the world care abt Armenians dying in WWI ???Nooo, they didntttcareee,….they just took some pics abd denied the genocide ,nowww the world shohkdnt even care abt jews or muslims dying


    • Patty, I’m a Lebanese ‘apostate’. I’m not a scholar, but I have read the hadith and it does seem to prescripe the death penalty for converts and homosexuals. You can try to sugar coat things all you like, but at the end of the day, we all know what Islam stands for.
      To test how peaceful and tolerant Islam is, try living under Sharia law.


      • Bob,
        Interpretation and full contextual knowledge of any religion is crucial. A safe and festive holiday season to you and yours.


        • Are you saying I’m taking things out of context. Please tell me in what context would it seem ok to kill people who change their faith? This is the actual punishment for converts under Sharia law, and in many Islamic countries.


          • I was making a broad statement, Bob. I believe that character speaks louder of a person than any other factor. I meant no disrespect to anyone, including you.



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