40% Of Beirutis Voted For Beirut Madinati: Yes, Change Is Possible!


After more than 36 hours, Beirut’s results have been revealed and Beirut Madinati, the little list that could, ended up getting 40% of the Beiruti vote, in an election where the super low voter turnout was probably the loudest voter.

The race turned out to be much closer than the Future Movement’s electoral machine said it was. On the same day of the elections, they called victory theirs with a difference of 25,000 to 30,000 votes. The actual result turned out to be half that.

In fact, the difference between the lowest vote getter on Hariri’s list and the highest on Beirut Madinati is only 7000 votes.

The results per Beiruti region are as follows:


This translates to the following:

Beirut 1: BM 60%, LB 40%;

Beirut 2: LB 65%, BM 35%,

Beirut 3: LB 64%, BM 36%.

This shows that change is possible. If 6 months’ work ended up with such a massive result, it shows that people are willing to go beyond their political lines to choose that they find would be better for their future.

As I said yesterday, Beirut Madinati are victorious even if they didn’t actually win. I will write a more detailed post about the numbers later.


11 thoughts on “40% Of Beirutis Voted For Beirut Madinati: Yes, Change Is Possible!

    • The voting numbers are 2% higher than 2010. This is how Beirut has historically voted in Municipal elections. Many could have stayed home simply because they thought there was no contest. The issue is multi-faceted, but I disagree with this and with Mustapha’s post categorically.


      • Also with all due respect, you say in your title “40% of Beirutis” it should be “40% of Beirutis who voted” (big difference, because sadly your title is misleading).


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  2. This division of Beirut is ridiculous. If Beirut I and II are joined in the next parliamentary elections, A list similar to Beirut Madinati would win easilly.


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