American Xenophobic Racist Murders Lebanese Man Because He’s “Filthy Lebanese Ay-rab”

Dear American media, I’ve fixed the news title for you. I mean, why not call things the way they are, instead of beating around the bush of trying to lighten the news in proportionality to the skin color of those making them?

I know it’s hard to think of someone whose genes gave him less melanin as somehow possible of being evil. I shudder at the thought as well. But it might happen – unlikely as you think it could be.

No, Vernon Majors did not kill Khalid Jabara because he had an “unusual fixation” with his Lebanese neighbors. He killed them because he was a xenophobic racist terrorist murderer.

If the tables were turned and Khalid had been the person to whom all those criteria apply, you wouldn’t have hesitated to apply them. You’d have even decided what his entire background was judging by his name, the color of his skin, and the country where he came from.

That’s not different from what Vernon Majors did. It’s not “unusual fixation,” it’s him making sure Khalid’s family knew they were: ‘dirty Arabs,’ ‘filthy Lebanese,’ ‘Aye-rabs,’ and ‘Mooslems,’ as he told them repeatedly to make sure they knew their place in his world. Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things, but the Jabara family is Christian.

The story goes back to last year when Vernon Majors willingly ran over Khalid Jabara’s mother trying to kill her. Unfortunately for him, she did not die, and he ended up in jail, but like the good white American that he is, Vernon Majors saw himself out of jail a few weeks ago, back to the same streets, neighboring the Jabara family, and wanting to take out his revenge on them.

Picture this: a man who willingly ran over a woman trying to kill her ends up in jail for one year, with no conditions on his bond — no ankle monitor, no drug/alcohol testing. It was as if he never entered.

The Jabara family learned of his release. They also knew he had a gun. They also notified the police who informed them they couldn’t do anything, because second amendment and all. Minutes after the police left, Khalid went outside of his house to get the mail, and he was fatally shot by Vernon Majors, who has since been apprehended.

All of this was an “unusual fixation” at his Lebanese neighbors, according to the Tulsa police department, a fixation that goes back to him complaining to that same police department that they were “Ay-rabs, and Mooslems and filthy Lebanese.”

I wonder, how many racial and xenophobic and Islamphobic slurs does a white man have to do to in the United States to cross from “unusual fixation” territory into being a downright disgusting space-occuping lesion of a creature who also hated black people and other foreigners?

If the tables were turned and Khalid had been the person to whom all those criteria apply, this wouldn’t have been someone with an “unusual fixation.” The limits of “unusual fixations” stop when someone’s skin ends up in a different shade of blonde, and when their name maybe just maybe indicates them not praying inside a Church.

Khalid’s sister, Victoria wrote the following Facebook post, and the only way their story made it to the media in the first place:

I ask that you share this FB post throughout the community for the murder of my brother, Khalid Jabara so you can be outraged, just as we are outraged. I want to shed light and bring awareness to the negligence that occurred from the first moment the neighbor..this monster.. called our family ‘Dirty Arabs’, to the time he ran over my mother with his car, to the two Protective Order violations,and our constant vigilance to communicate and be proactive with the DA’s, to the fact that they let him out of jail after 8 months, to the fact that my brother called the police to explain to them that we were scared because we heard he had a gun, to the fact that the police left, saying they could do nothing, and, 30 minutes later….the fact that the criminal walked up to my brother and shot him on his front porch.

At the end of the day, my beautiful brother had a heart like no other. Sensitive to the core, he loved others so much and wanted to be loved back. I’ll miss his jokes (I stole all my jokes from him!), his love for all things electronic, his love for my mom and dad, Rami, and his tenderness towards his nieces. This angel will be missed. Love you, Khalid.

This is the vermin Majors:

Vernon Majors

How many more of “filthy Lebanese” is the diaspora supposed to handle? This is the tip of the iceberg. How many more hate crimes are Arab Americans, be it Muslim or not, supposed to withstand before someone – anyone – realizes that this is just not right, that this is exactly how you push people away, that this is how minorities get radicalized?

This is nothing but a specimen of Donald Trump’s America. So dear Lebanese Americans, this is what you get when you help perpetuate the mere idea of an entity like Donald Trump. There’s no beating around the bush here: his message of xenophobia, hate, racism, Islamophobia includes you too, whether you like it or not, whether you think you’re at a whole level of immigrants or not, you will always remain just another immigrant group that people like him, and those that think like him, can do without.

You will be people they can dispose of, call filthy and end up as nothing more than people with “unusual fixations.”


9 thoughts on “American Xenophobic Racist Murders Lebanese Man Because He’s “Filthy Lebanese Ay-rab”

  1. Yes , Arab / Lebanese – Americans are filthy to the bones. they are evil, racist, shallow, sectarian neanderthalian in every aspects of their life. lets not forget that the majority of middle eastern arabs supported Trump against Clinton in the polls. lets remember that Trump appointed Walid Phares as one of his foreign policy advisors. It is likely that none knew him before, nor do they know what exactly he stands for, but are suddenly big fans of him just because he’s just Lebanese and famous. Lebanese are evil to the bone and have declared themselves superior human beings to all of mankind and heirs to the rest of the civilisations.


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  3. Mr vanfrueder, it is a shame you were not immediately stir,instead along with the rest of you aryan nazi brethren at the end of WWII. please do the rest of the world. A favor and go inhale a car exhaust pipe. 🇱🇧🐪


  4. Mr. Richard, I would never support the slaughter of any living creature for any reason; I was describing the garbage mindset of Lebanese living in the US, those right-wing fascists bent on amassing gold at any cost and saving it in tax free Lebanese vaults; alike those linked to ruthless dictators in Africa, earning them $$$ at the expense of its people, same those who will keep joining any other White Dump in the US or elsewhere for one aim: getting wealthier! This is an alert of what Americans are capable of, they will not kneel down or huddle in ghettos, they will fight back.


  5. So all of the hateful blanket statements that the author used to describe entire groups of people are acceptable? I am not sure that I can find any difference between such an outlandish and incredible admonishment against millions of people due to their heritage and geography and the crap the asshole that killed these innocent people was spewing either.
    Frankly I am FAR more disgusted with the asshole that wrote this piece for his incredible racist, hateful, bigoted commentary against an entire nation than the obviously sick individual that murdered this family.
    You want to change the world? Stop assigning blame to nations of people, and start laying it at the feet of those that commit the atroicites or order them to be committed in the name of people that likely do not support it, or have been coerced into supporting it through manipulation.


    • Oh really now? Please point me to the hateful blanket statements that I’ve attributed to millions. Because it’s quite clear that the only person between us both extrapolating to millions is you. I mean, you can be annoyed, but not to such an exponential to the nth degree point.

      Also it is sad that you “FAR more disgusted with the asshole that wrote this piece for his incredible racist, hateful, bigoted commentary” when the only commentary is how someone being told they’re filthy for being who they are is not “unusual fixation” as portrayed by police and media. If you are THAT disgusted by such a statement, then you’re probably on the wrong page reading.

      You want to change the world as well? Stop being so sensitive, taking something that does not pertain to an ENTIRE country and painting it as such just because it’s easier for you to do so and bash the message behind what is written, than to confront yourself and ask: where the hell did we go wrong here?



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