Racist & Disgusting OTV Humiliates Syrian Man Just To Be “Funny”


We complain about Americans voting for Trump and how that reflects on many of them looking down at minorities (it doesn’t). And somehow, we, as Lebanese, are totally oblivious to how inherently racist and disgusting many of in our midst tend to be, especially to those that we – on our Phoenician high horse – deem as lesser creatures: people of color, Syrians, other workers from Asian and African countries.

OTV did just that.

They figured it was a good idea to humiliate a Syrian man just for jokes, have him strip off his clothes, parade around with signs, while they laughed at his predicament. So funny. Ha ha. I can’t stop laughing. You are just disgusting and despicable human beings.

Keep in mind the following: Someone actually came up with the idea behind this, wrote down the scenario of the skit and thought of all the countless ways they could humiliate the Syrian in question for more than twenty fucking minutes. This is not a 5 minute sharade, but a 20 minute skit in which two men go above and beyond in taking away any ounce of dignity that person had – just because he was Syrian – and just because they were Lebanese who wanted a laugh.

Well, fuck you and fuck your laughs.

I refuse to link the video here. They do not deserve exposure. The only thing they deserve is to be told how revolting, disgusting, shameful, horrifying and nauseating they are as an institution, as a media entity, as a TV station that represents the current Lebanese president, and how their entire existence is a disgrace to every single good thing that Lebanese media has done to this country and to this region.

I hope they enjoyed the laughs, because today the only reason I smile is in the hope that whoever came up with the idea behind this skit not only loses their job but is humiliated in getting fired. I hope enough people rise up in condemnation to the disgrace that took place on that TV station that they wouldn’t dare repeat it again.

To the two men that acted out the skit and to those that came up with the idea, I refuse to be as petty and disgusting a person as you are and wish upon you the same things you did to that man. Maybe you don’t know that there is a fine limit between joke and transgressing on someone’s right, between funny and “what the fuck is wrong with you, did someone hit you on the head as a kid.” But here’s a pro tip: when you get someone to strip, have them parade around for your entertainment while you threaten them with a gun, you are no longer funny, you are a space occupying lesion that only appeals to other parasitic entities such as yourself.

This is just shameful. Lebanon, let us not accept such a thing ever happening again.

3 thoughts on “Racist & Disgusting OTV Humiliates Syrian Man Just To Be “Funny”

  1. Dear Dr. Elie,
    I meant to write you a while ago when you wrote the amazing post about Paris and Beirut Nov. 2015 Terrorists bombing, But just daily chores took over my time.

    I find you post to be a wake up call to all Lebanese and our “racist views” towards certain groups and our “Inferiority complex” towards others (Americans, western Eu).

    As a Lebanese living abroad, am ashamed of how majority of Lebanese look down at certain groups ie: African Americans, African Canadians, Srilankans, Pakistanis and the list gets longer.

    When I visit Lebanon, I get so upset at how majority of Lebanese treat “domestic and support workers” which are called (Khuddam) and everyday workers of different nationality (mainly Syrians, Sudanese, Bangladeshi…etc”

    Racism and discrimination is deep rooted in the Lebanese psycho and Thank you for challenging it.


  2. I agree. And im glad you shed light on this topic. Ive been living in Lebanon for five years and I haven’t seen a more racist and selfish nation. As a person who’s lived overseas their entire life, Ive learned to get along in a multicultural environment. So, perhaps its the Lebanese people’s lack of knowledge, experience and empathy that encourages them to behave in such a way, not only towards Syrians or people of colour, but also towards poor helpless stray animals. Everyone acts all nice and glorious around everyone else, little do they see that the majority of Lebanese are racist, egotistical, and inhumane beings. We are just as everyone else is, human, despite our financial status or colour.



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