No, Wanting to Date & Have Sex Doesn’t Make Lebanese Women Whores


It’s 2017 and we’re still talking about this, but then again what can you expect when one of your country’s “liberal” TV stations is more conservative than America’s Fox News?

Earlier today, following this viral blog post, MTV decided to take part of the crusade against the seriously bad show on LBCI called Take Me Out.

Whilst the blogpost they tried to copy was somewhat conservative in tone as is the writer who penned it, a relative of mine whom I respect enormously, MTV took it to another extreme by calling the women on the show, without explicitly saying the word, whores.

This happened after a guy took off his shirt on TV. So the women got the short end of the stick? If you don’t get it, don’t even try.


To them, being on a TV show about dating and wanting to go out on dates or – gasp – even have sex degrades the value of our women. The vocabulary used in that article was as degrading as it gets, reminiscent of those arguments that should have been way behind us as society but unfortunately aren’t, let alone arguments used by a TV station whose pre-requisite for female media personnel is them having good enough looks.

I quote (and translate): “Do the producers of Take Me Out accept for their daughters or nieces or sisters to participate in such a show? Don’t the women participating in the show have fathers or brothers who refuse the level of public prostitution that their daughters and sisters are doing on TV?”

Because, as we know, the only relevant reference for what a female entity can do in this country is always in reference to her male superior figure. This is just disgraceful and shameful.

No MTV (and whoever in Lebanon agrees with it), our women can do whatever the fuck they want without having entities like you breathing down their neck, thinking you are allowed to have the “moral” high ground. The only ground you get is a ditch somewhere where your disgusting backward thoughts can rot.

No MTV (and whoever in Lebanon agrees with it), our women don’t need their brothers or fathers to tell them what they can or cannot do. They don’t need a man to dictate their lives for them. They don’t need you to beseech that male figure that exists in their life to defend their honor because people without honor can’t call it for others.

No MTV (and whoever in Lebanon agrees with it), our women don’t need your approval or the approval of anyone other than themselves to go out on dates, sleep with whoever they want and do whatever they please. You’re shocked? Let me shock you further: our women have the right to enjoy their bodies as much as they want, drool over as many men or women as they want, and do whatever makes them happy. And the best part is? It’s none of your business.

No MTV (and whoever in Lebanon agrees with it), you do not get to preach about morals when you sell sex at every possible chance you get and would sell anything sexual whose rights you’re able to procure if it gets you enough ratings. You don’t even get to worry about the reputation we “sell” of ourselves to Arab countries because they’re not even a standard anyone should follow when it comes to reputations or women rights. Isn’t the fact that your shows are getting beaten according to IPSOS why you’re suddenly the knights in shining armor coming in to defend our women’s hymens?

We have a long way to go before our women can get the same rights and privileges as the men in our society, but that won’t happen when they’re still being shamed, in 2017, for wanting to date and have sex and seek out pleasures that others may not approve of.

You don’t want women to have sex? Well, keep it in your pants and cross your legs. You don’t want women to date? Then talk to your mother about arranging you the next available husband or wife. But don’t you ever think that you get to dictate your narrow-minded point of view on others, under the guise of morals, and get away with it.

You know we’re fast hitting rock bottom when a trashy TV show is used to spark a conversation about morals. To quote MTV: متل الش… يلي بتحاضر بالعفة.  W 7zaro l sh ya shatrin. 


18 thoughts on “No, Wanting to Date & Have Sex Doesn’t Make Lebanese Women Whores

  1. Finally someone spoke my mind lol. And it is not a bad show, it is entertaining, the Lebanese society is a hypocrite society on many levels that if i wanna talk about it i’ll go on endlessly.. long story short, it is 2017 and women can do whatever the fuck they want.. ps. I have 2 sisters


  2. I am sure ‘Take Me Out’ cannot be worse than MTV’s own ‘Metl el Amar.’ I watched 5 minutes of that and can say that it is degrading to humanity altogether. Back to ‘Take Me Out:’ watch LBCI reap the ratings of the marketing blitz handed to them by MTV. And, it must be a broken record by now, but no one is forcing you to watch the show. (goes back to watching MTV’s midnight news on mute).


    • Mixing things in your comment, I’m sorry but all lebanese drama series are a catastrophe! The focus is on the cheap level of shows like take me out. Chou khas hay bi hay. Anyway


  3. MTV is hitting rock bottom and it shows.. I was under the impression that they will fix all the bullshit they did in the past month only for them to come back stronger, in bullshit. MTV is now looking like a lunatic organization to me, the more they speak the more they seem crazy.


  4. If some few women express openly their feelings when they see a sexy man, are regarded as whores, then all men who openly express their excitement at seeing a sexy woman, are also whores . Meaning 90% of the Lebanese society! Worse still, men dont stop at just “expressing” feelings, but go much further to hard core flirting, making proposals and might go as far as sexual harassment and rape , yet still get away with all this and even gain a reputation of the “Jackal/ playboy ” which men regard as a “compliment” . What is wrong is wrong be it for a man or a woman.


  5. well said I read the Mtv article and I was just like it’s a tv show juts let it be… stop trying to make the headlines and using downgrading words, no matter what you believe in it’s their choice and their choice only to be on that show and you should respect that .


  6. A part of me agrees with you
    But let’s face it, the show is cheap and vulgar.
    Not only the women on the show are extremely below level, the men participating are also a catastrophe.
    You are making a big deal out of an article written by a journalist or whoever the guy is.
    At some point it had to be said. I do believe if I had a sister participating in the show I would rather kill myself, let alone if my brother did.
    So let’s not make it about defending women righs.
    Someone had to be harsh and I guess when the article was written it got interpreted in a wrong way.
    Regardless of the rating, if the majority of lebanese people are watching the show as the ratings say , we have a much bigger problem!
    But again you’re the only who wrote about the matter in a “classy” way! 🙂


  7. Well said as usual, but it seems like we’re defending a very degrading show, a cheap and vulgar show with 0 fun, 0 class, 0 level, 0 everything!
    If my sister were to be one the show I’d rather kill myself, let alone my brother.
    Everyone interpreted the article of mtv in a wrong way and u started focusing on ratings.
    If the majority of lebanese people are watching take me out, then I guess we have a bigger problem.
    Defeding women’s rights is something but I do believe you wouldnt be proud of your brother/sister if they r in the show.
    Anyway keep up the good work, you’re still one of the fee to write in a classy way!


  8. What bugs me is that MTV is the one who’s criticizing. Seriously MTV? Note: I don’t like the idea of the show, and I find it silly that women are choosing men according to standards that, had the roles been reversed, feminists would fight against fiercely. But MTV has no right to speak, nor any other channel in fact.



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