Lebanon’s Security Forces Which Stopped A Terrorist Attack in Hamra Tonight Are Heroes

A 24 year old Lebanese terrorist suicide bomber named Omar el Assi, from Saida, was apprehended moments before he detonated himself in Hamra, one of Beirut’s most bustling streets, right outside Costa Cafe, in breaking news out of Beirut right now.

The terrorist had an explosive belt strapped around his chest. It’s unclear whether he was targeting Costa or one of the many nearby bars. Hamra is one of the most liberal places in Beirut, and attacking it is a frightening precendent in Lebanon’s constant fight against terrorists. 

Uncovering the attack was a coordinated effort between Lebanon’s intelligence and Internal Security forces. Tonight, they are heroes. Plenty of people are safe because of them, and for that I am forever thankful.

This shows that when our security forces work together towards the one goal of keeping us safe, they can be as triumphant as this. I hope we learn from this lesson moving forward how valuable our unity is.

I hope that terrorist receives the worst of punishment from the state and that the level of vigilance that the security forces have shown over the past few months remains as high going into the new year. In the political turmoil overtaking the region, Lebanon’s stability has been the result of such work, and it shows.

Thank you for saving Hamra tonight, and for saving the country on those many occasions that don’t make it to the news.

Lebanese people out and about on this Saturday evening, stay safe and enjoy your night away. Don’t fall for the culture of fear that those Godless barbaric disgusting creatures want to instill in is. Facing their culture of death, let’s always rise above and show them that we are a people who will not be broken that way.

And to that terrorist, and those that support that horrifying ideology, fuck you. Take your culture of death and shove it up the darkest orifice in your body. Nothing about you is welcome here.


12 thoughts on “Lebanon’s Security Forces Which Stopped A Terrorist Attack in Hamra Tonight Are Heroes

  1. A pleasure to have shared this on my twitter feed earlier….you have given voice to what all true @ordinaryfaces feel about the cancer that has befallen the Middle East…..Thank you….


  2. Reblogged this on Mikepouraryan’s Weblog and commented:
    This is a very good way to begin “resurrecting” my personal Blog on WordPress as I add my strong voice to congratulate the heroes that prevented this–and underscore how he gives voice to all ordinary faces throughout the World (which is why I helped launch http://www.thedailyoutsider.com) on the true feelings about the lowlifes that undertake such action.


  3. I don’t watch this show. But I am an Anercian who’s been in this area of Lebanon and find it very dishearting
    to read that grown man and woman would write such a stupid lie into their show. I had a great time in that area,
    surrounded by great people and great food! I’m on my way back as I type this.
    Can’t wait to visit again 🙂


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  5. Great article. But very unprofessional ending that lowered the standards, and i find myself unable to share it. I understand your anger, although it seems to me you re always angry about everything, but try to stay as polite and decent as possible. The terrorists are not reading your blog, we are.


  6. Why does the preview of article say a “Palestinian terrorist suicide bomber” and in the article it says a “Lebanese terrorist suicide bomber…”
    Click bait…
    Never trust a site that resorts to click bait.


    • Initial information when the article was written indicated the terrorist was Palestinian. It was updated as soon as that information changed and Facebook never bothered change its preview. Also if you think an article’s preview saying the terrorist was Palestinian is clickbait, then I feel sorry for you.


  7. Thanks for this good news. I on this side of the world would not have heard of it otherwise. Had the bomber been successful it would probably made the news, but likely only so that Prez Trump could have gone on and on about his plan to combat terrorism and make america great again. Life More Abundant!



  8. What a great article and respons to what happened. I live in the U.K. But a friend of mine was in Costa and could have been killed. I love Hamra and always stay there. I love its relaxed and accepting attitude. I was concerned the first time when I saw the soldiers armed there but now I look on them with affection. They keep my friends, the general population and me safe. Shukran. Alan



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