Lebanese Civil Society Triumphs: Naqabati Beats All Political Parties Combined At Syndicate of Engineers Elections

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Tonight, we celebrate. It may not be the national victory we hope to see come parliamentary elections (if they allow us to vote) but every little step towards dismantling the hegemony of political parties over everything surrounding our daily life counts.

That step, today, is the resounding triumph of Lebanon’s civil society movement in the Beirut Syndicate of Engineers Elections, in a list they called Naqabati, represented by Engineer Jad Tabet, over a list headed by Paul Najm, who’s backed by all political parties in power.

After a grueling electoral day, and a rather quick vote count aided by the use of electronic vote tabulations, Jad Tabet narrowly beat Paul Najm by about 21 votes:


This is a resounding victory. To have civil movement be this victorious over all political parties combined shows that if we’re united, we can achieve the results we hope to aspire at levels we had previously not dreamed of.

Naqabati’s campaign has been exemplary in how syndicates should be running in the country. They’ve been inviting press and engineers to attend their events in which they announced very clear platforms, geared towards giving a chance towards young engineers at making a dent in a field where hierarchy, as is the case in the remainder of Lebanese jobs, is key.

Jad Tabet wanted to help the youth. He wanted to restore his profession’s dignity and rights away from the uselessness of political parties. Today, he succeeded.

This is not a victory only for engineers. This is a victory for all of us to look up to. Yes, we can. Jad Tabet and Beirut’s engineers, thank you for showing us that.

Here’s hoping we can take this victory and turn it into parliament seats in the vote that matters most. We are the change that this country deserves, and we are about to bring it.

Mabrouk Jad Tabet. Mabrouk Naqabati.

10 thoughts on “Lebanese Civil Society Triumphs: Naqabati Beats All Political Parties Combined At Syndicate of Engineers Elections

  1. Elie, this is only for the na2ib right? As I know there are 2 results.. one of the na2ib and other for the members… only the na2ib won… not sure for the others.


  2. I would like if u be more accurate when u say all political parties combined, because not all the parties were combined and even the lebanese kataeb party were officially supporting and voting Naqabati.
    Thank you


    • The kataeb did nothing in two month, they supported naqibati yesterday, but all the electoral and political fight has been done without them. You have to be the one who is accurate.


  3. The difference between Jad and Paul were 20-30 votes so without kataeb Party he wouldn’t have won.The civil society in Lebanon should distinguish between ‘clean’ and corrupt politicians and political parties even if they constitute less than 5% of political scene


    • Really?
      This comment is for anyone reading, whose asshole flinches a bit when the word “Kataeb” is mentioned.
      Get your head out of your ass, you and your kataeb party, an outdated party with outdated morals and values.
      You think any one will be fooled that Kataeb are fighting corruption and want the best of the best for the country or for the people? You think we will be fooled because Samy Gemayel does Facebook videos and act annoyed at the politicians?
      You know what the civil society should do most?
      The civil society should assemble all political players and parties of the past 2 decades and pour hot boiling oil all over them, and at the forefront should be the kataeb party, because of their pathetic attempts at coming across like they’re the Robin Hoods of society.
      And you know what else?
      Supporters of said party, who are still defending it because they believe in its nobles values should also be strapped bare assed in downtown Beirut for everyone to pass by and give them some smacking until both cheeks turn hot flaming red.
      That’s what civil society should do.
      Now go whine.
      And 5% is a compliment.



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