How A Tweet Launched A Mini Regional Crisis: Mossad Launches #TelAvivLovesBeirut, and Beirut Responds

As part of an article on rising travel destinations, Forbes Magazine listed both Tel Aviv and Beirut as some of the locations that Americans are becoming increasingly interested in visiting. As such, an Israeli investment manager called Mark Leibowitz tweeted in celebrating, inadvertently tagging’s twitter account thinking they were the official representatives of the city.

As such, replied from their twitter account that they wanted to be “excluded from the narrative” echoing the ever wise Taylor Swift circa 2016 with her reply to the Kanye West/Kim Kardashian drama. It’s also a narrative they did not choose to partake in in the first place. What they meant was that they wanted their official twitter account not to be associated with such a thing given they’re not representatives of the city in any way. What Mark Leibowitz understood of it was an act of aggression over the statement he made.

Of course,’s reply was not taken on too kindly by the Israeli twitterverse that responded aplenty:

And, naturally, the Mossad intervened.

Of course, such silly hashtag by one of the world’s leading intelligence agencies regarding a country they’re at war with and have been in active conflict with nearly 11 years ago did not sit well with the Lebanese populace on in Twitter.

It hasn’t been a year yet since these threats were made by Israeli politicians against the Lebanese people:

Some of the Lebanese replies though are as follows:

Another day, another drama.

It’s fortunate that hashtags and Twitter wars remain as online media through which people can vent without actual damage being done, or at least damage in the literal sense of the word of what usually takes place when Lebanon and Israel clash.

It’s immensely silly that the Israeli Mossad tried to brush away years of conflict between the two countries with a hashtag as silly as the one they came up with, or that some of the Israelis responding were not aware there’s more to the conflict between the two countries than what began 71 years ago when their country was founded.

If Tel Aviv truly “loved” Beirut, they would refrain their politicians from launching threats at Beirut whenever they want to give a boost to their political credentials, and own up to their own record of attacking Lebanese civilians, admit to the countless war crimes they’ve committed in Lebanon – and that’s for starters. But of course, watch them blurt out Hezbollah as a response.

I may not support all facets of Lebanese censorship or prosecution when it comes to Israel-related entities, but I cannot also stand and watch my country’s own destruction be washed off under a meme.


16 thoughts on “How A Tweet Launched A Mini Regional Crisis: Mossad Launches #TelAvivLovesBeirut, and Beirut Responds

  1. Top marks for this post Elie. Perfect in every way. (Inc letting us enlarge the tweets – as I’m on my atomised phone & couldn’t see them otherwise).

    Awww… Care Bears w/ Star of David on their tummies. I wonder if Mossad asked permission from the illustrator (or whoever has the copywrite) to use this sweet children’s icon for their own evil ends. If not they can always send one of their agents to hunt the copywrite holders down in the street & shoot the wrong person as they did in Scandinavia until they shoot the *right person* to death.

    Some of these Tweet responses from our Lebanese sisters/brothers are brilliant. Especially “Imma leave this here” + photos & the photos of the Israeli children writing on missiles before *sending* them to Lebanon. Perhaps we should start calling Israeli missiles ‘Israeli post cards’.

    This nation (occupying apartheid state) seems to be increasingly filled w/ shameless people. I honestly feel a bit sorry for small children born & indoctrinated into the Israeli school system & militaristic society.

    I hope the States are treating you well Elie.


    • Zoe, your Nazism is about to meet some Shiite and Sunny Nazism. You will learn lessons in hatred like only Muslims can teach. Farewell.


      • @ Jaison

        As if being torn to pieces like bloody undone grilled lamb & pulverised under concrete like in an olive press from Israeli missiles signed w/ charming death greetings by little ever so ‘moral’ Israeli girls is preferable to the “Muslims” threat you are imagining in your hate filled following the hive mind.

        This is laughable. I would rather be killed by people who are pissed off at me for some misconception of who I am than by people who continue to demonise & dehumanise me DESPITE the fact that I spend countless hours on any given day speaking out against antisemitism.

        Regarding my “Nazism”; the German half of my family murdered by the Nazis is I am sure looking upon your statement from The Green Fields/Spirit World w/ the wisdom & knowledge that you are aparently sadly bereft of. I’m imagining a lot of laughter at the cluelessness of this statement now under the Silver roofed home in Valhalla.

        Shouldn’t you be off signing a missile meant to kill innocent Marjeyouni & Tyrian & other South Lebanese babies & children & elderly & disabled now? (= everyone who could not/cannot afford to flee incessant Israeli violent attacks). Or is that only done in a very big way in years that end in a ‘6’… 1996… 2006… ? Get ready fellow Libnani… for this complete paucity of human empathy. We have only to wait for the next excoriating massacre of innocent civilians whilst the world goes about it’s victim blaming.

        “The Devil whispered in my ear ‘You’re not strong enough to withstand the storm’

        Today I whispered in the Devil’s ear ‘I am the storm'” – Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash (Facebook)


      • @ Jaison

        Here are some poems of mine. Because my house is (apparently) yours. Your bombing your missiles your burning phosphorous your cluster bombs your hatred your paucity of love your xenophobia your theft your lack of empathy…


        Your troubles taken upon death
        Did you thank them
        whilst concrete crushed you
        Chosen people
        There is only this way
        I am a sparrow caught in an olive press
        Deliver your god message
        You are a bomb
        I understand now
        You are a bullet reflected
        in an infant’s eye


      • @ Jaison


        Marjeyoun 2006:

        Your empty broken cribs
        & your powdered skulls in ditches
        row upon row upon row upon row

        The Owl & the Crow & the Raven
        & I your wayward daughter
        your wandered American sleep

        Put my bones in the mass grave
        we bought then
        when I die
        & end this ghostly walk

        Their vaunted ‘moral’ bombers

        Like Jezebel Priestess of Baal
        I loved my enemy
        till I was in ribbons
        their vaunted book
        does not explain


      • @ Jaison


        Sixty Years On: 14 May:

        I am blackness
        Blackness scented of zaatar
        My skin is no more
        I am a splintered bone left in the street
        I am a tiny spoonful for a bulldozer
        I am thrashed against sorrow
        & so sorrow is sick of me
        I am a child for each cluster bomb
        My skin is lace
        I am dead dead dead
        I am alive
        & yet the world does not see me
        I am the gazelle in the hunters sight
        Stay still
        Which shall I
        Either is my fault

        (14 May 2008)


      • @ Jaison


        ‘Why Don’t All the Arabs Just Leave’ You Said:

        Scratched they leave
        Scraped they leave
        Troubled they leave
        Traumatised they leave
        Orphaned they leave
        Childless they leave
        Hopeless they leave
        Homeless they leave
        Landless they leave
        Thirsty they leave
        Exhausted they leave
        Loveless they leave
        Burned they left
        Limbless they left
        Headless they left
        Lifeless they left


      • @ Jaison


        ‘Why don’t the Arabs just leave…’ you said ‘…and go to other Arab countries’

        Nobody should die in duplicate
        That is WHY

        First in the driving out
        step after step
        the endless leaving

        Then round bullets
        made for rounder eyes


        They are walled
        they are bombed

        Nigthmares swirl
        round the stupid things you say

        Love is not fixed
        with leaving

        Hate is not fixed
        with leaving

        Leaving is for naught

        Who survived the Holocaust
        did not leave it

        when it followed them

        into the sunny kitchen
        with the grandchild laughing
        thousand yard stare

        Stranger things have happened
        favourite meals before executions

        happiest day ever before death
        than your strange love for me

        ‘Why don’t they all just leave…’

        Camps camps camps

        are full of them…

        (7 May 2011)


      • @ Jaison


        I would have lived inside
        a cell inside your eye
        to see the world as you see it
        Then out I came
        ejected like debris
        & breathing once again
        looked & saw
        what you saw
        from your view clearly

        In the light of day
        we remain like paupers
        begging for a scrap of innocence

        when there is none

        Above the dark wine sea
        we are pitiless
        & not one of us on Earth
        can save

        each other

        though we make pitiful stabs at trying

        Show me how to love again
        Keep me from knowledge

        Astarte weep for your Libnani daughter
        stolen like nobody nameless
        I walk asking:
        Where is my sympathy?
        Where is my recompense?
        Where is my new Day?

        My thread comes apart as I stitch

        though it was made from Love

        I changed a thousand times
        & you not a splinter
        not a sliver
        not a breath

        a thousand homes built on bones

        Save us from ceaseless leaving
        The silence like a knife
        From everything that turns upon itself
        like a devouring monster
        leaving only

        hollow apparition

        pretended kindness

        paucity of love

        Children of rubble

        of burning
        white phosphorous


      • @ Jaison


        ‘Away from his house go the skillful ones – the daughters of joyful noise…’
        – Phoenician (Ugarit) tale of Aqat

        Done you walk
        Rising early
        A man without borders
        For nowhere
        No one

        Ruins in Lebanon remember our pale days
        When mirrors of our cells walked together
        Jew & Canaanite
        Married to our first mornings
        At the soft stem of time
        Then we came here
        Past the music of history
        To not know each other
        Ungrateful children
        To not know each other in a terrible quiet
        That left us

        Painted eyes murex coloured girl
        Raked clean
        Like Jericho smashed
        You tried to build your stiff afterworld
        on my crushed heart
        & you forgot the morning
        I took you in
        Like a swallow come home

        (13 August 2010)


        • Zoe, I have to tell you, I couldn’t care less. You are personally responsible for millions of dead Arabs, just in the last few years, following a hundred years of Arab authoritarian rule, which is your fault as well. If you had any sense in you, you would focus on these issues first. But as you don’t, your excuse for a country will walk the way all Arab countries go, into death-lock of faction fighting to the death, and to complete disintegration.

          Have a nice day.


          • Lol. You apparently have trouble w/ reading comprehension Jaison. (Key word above was “American”). As I’m a New Yorker & billions of our American tax dollars are what supports The $tate of I$rael (in addition to Germany’s billions) – I’m afraid I cannot vote etc. in beautiful Lebanon.

            So I am largely powerless in the dystopic fantasy that you have concocted & blamed on me. (Whatever that nonsense you have described is… ?).

            Lol. I’m sure every healthy minded person on the planet reading your words would *not* be surprised that you “don’t care” Jaison. No need for clarification there. After your first ever so erudite & knowledgable statement here; where you are convinced you know everything about me a total stranger. Including that I am a “Nazi” – when in fact I had family murdered by the Nazis in Berlin. This must be difficult for you in life – acting only on misguided assumption vs. *truth*. Or trying to get your head round families composed of Germans & Lebanese/Christians & Jews… human beings who love each other…

            Thus my having written @ sign before the posts of poems. We all can see & know that you “don’t care” Jaison – it’s quite obvious – so those poems were only meant for *others* to read in *response* to your ever so charming & compassionate words.


            • Zoe, that actually puts you in the crosshairs. The Americans are the ones bombing innocent men, women and children all over the middle east, so Jaison is write putting the blame on you. And don’t try to hide as an American, you are a Lebanese and likely to be expelled back home by trump.


              • Jill said:

                “And don’t try to hide as an American, you are a Lebanese and likely to be expelled back home by trump.”

                LOL! My father’s father came here over one hundred years ago & his uncles before that in the 1890s! My mother came here via the Red Cross as a displaced person from Berlin over sixty five years ago. Her father’s grandfather was an English lord – hence perhaps I shall be carved into proportionate divided sections & sent back to England as well! A piece to Deutschland a piece to England a piece to the State of Israel’s favourite bombing destination in Libnan: Marjeyoun.

                Furthermore Trump just hired a Lebanese man as director of Health & Human Services. Showing just how nonsensical the above quote about my imaginary deportation is. LOL.

                I have grown weary of the uninformed & meanspirited comments on many internet threads.


  2. Jill said:

    “And don’t try to hide as an American, you are a Lebanese and likely to be expelled back home by trump.”

    LOL! My father’s father came here over one hundred years ago! My father’s uncles prior to that in the 1890s! My mother came here over sixty five years ago as a displaced person from Berlin via the Red Cross. Her father’s grandfather was an English lord; hence perhaps I can be carved into proportionate segments & sent back to England & Deutschland & the State of Israel’s favourite place to bomb in Lebanon: Marjeyoun.

    I am growing weary of the nonsensical & soulless comments in blog threads.

    Lol. I *am* “home”.


    • @ Jill

      AND Trump just hired a Lebanese American man as director of Health & Human Services. So another hole in your theory of my imminent deportation. Lol.

      Re. your collective American guilt theory. Does anything I have written give the illusion that I am behind US bombing & drones & militarism? No family members in the military either.



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