A Separate State of Mind Now Has an iOS App!

It makes me so happy to announce that my friend @TawaNicolas has made an iOS app for this blog.

Download it at this link (click).

The stateofmind13 iOS app is basically a reader for the blogposts that I write, with enabled post-replies and likes. 

You’ll also be getting push notifications whenever I publish a post, to keep you updated – if you want to of course.

Subsequent updates will, hopefully, feature more Facebook integration to allow you to “like” posts and share them easier.

The app is also 1.3MB only, so ideal for Lebanese internet downloads. ✌🏻

I would like to thank my awesome friend Tawa for his awesome work with this app. I couldn’t have imagined a better or easier app for this blog and I’m so glad he took the time and effort to do it.

University Crushes Taken To A New Level: Psst App

Psst App

The LAU, USJ, AUB, USEK, NDU & UOB Crushes pages which occupied 95% of our Facebook timelines over the past few weeks have gone to the next level by finding a companion in a new app called: Psst App. Yes, the “psst” is exactly what is said to grab someone’s attention “psst, psst.”

The premise is very simple: You log in through your Facebook account and use the app to talk anonymously to anyone you want, effectively making the possibilities much more diverse than simply talking to someone you like.

So if you have a crush who happens to be a Facebook friend, you can take it to the extra level now and stop posting anonymously about them on your university’s crush or hottie page.

You can add the app via your Facebook account by clicking here or downloading the Android version here. This is gossiping, Lebanon style.