– A New Online Gaming Website for Lebanese and Arabs

A new Lebanese website was launched in the Lebanese and Arab cyberspace today: At7addak, serving as a social platform for the region’s gamers to, well, play against each other.

The whole idea started when Brahms Chouity’s very pregnant wife kicked him off the couch, which he was using to play PS3 with friends in between ventures, and gave him the push to make a living out of his passion: gaming. And with that, he started his own gaming company: At7addak, with plans to create an arab gaming league. allows users to sign up and create free accounts. Through these accounts, they can challenge other users via head-to-head or multiplayer modes in the games available on the website. The more these users play, the more points they gain, and consequently the more awards they receive.

These users can also chat via the website’s forums, mainly about current games and upcoming releases, as well as other topics, further contributing to its purpose of an online gamers community. The website will also be up to date will all games-related news: publishers, new releases, technological advances, etc… So for those gamers who don’t want to search for their news everywhere, the website will suffice.

Every season, At7addak will launch online tournaments, categorized according to country and game title. Only users with enough points will be able to participate in these tournaments. Gamers will square off against each other, with their position fluctuating on the leaderboard, depending on how often they win or lose.

At the end of every gaming season, top gamers from each country and game will advance to their “Country Championship Final.” This is not online. It’s a real event that takes place in each country. Gamers will get to meet each other and compete against each other in a tense environment. The winners of these championships will be adorned with great prizes and they will qualify for the “Arab Championship Final,” the conclusion of every gaming season.

In the “Arab Championship Final,” top gamers from across Arab countries and Lebanon will fight it out. The winner will be announced the top gamer of them all and he will win great prizes.

What kind of prizes are we talking about? Well, let me give you an exclusive sneak peak.

On September 3rd, starting 1:00 PM,  there will be a Call of Duty competition at the Beirut Warehouse and Loft. And two of my blog’s readers will get the chance to compete.

What’s at stake?

*Insert dramatic cinematic cue*

The chance to win $10,000.

The location can serve up to 5000 spectators and admission is free. So for those Call of Duty gamers who are interested, all you have to do is follow @At7addak and @eliefares on twitter and tweet the following:

[NEW POST] – A New Online Gaming Website for Lebanese and Arabs #At7addak

The competition will end on Wednesday, August 10th at midnight. The draw will take place on Thursday, August 11th.

The event will also have:

• Skateboard and BMX ramp shows
• Extreme racing cars show
• Graffiti artist mural
• Sponsors’ booths
• Gaming lounges
• Large screen projectors
• Live online feed of the action
• Goodie bags and giveaways
• Black Ops real-life military personnel
• army girls
• Food & Beverage

Those of you who do so will enter a raffle (which will be clean and does not include cheating, just to put it out there) to pick out the lucky two.

Let the games begin…