Greenpeace Lebanon’s Secret Mission: Blue Shield 011 – Mission #1 – The Video

As a follow-up to my initial post about the matter, which you can check here, Greenpeace Lebanon has unveiled the first in a series of videos in their secret mission, which is slowly taking form.

You can check out the video here:

It’s not too late to get aboard the mission’s ship. All you need to do is follow this link and register your email. You’ll be receiving secret material as soon as it becomes ready. Video #2 will be up and ready very soon, from another region in Lebanon, to slowly expose the horrors going on with our waters, beaches, etc…

Change in Lebanon starts with these small steps, such as being more active even if it’s simply online.


Greenpeace Lebanon Launches a Secret Mission: Blue Shield 2011

Starting November 29th, Greenpeace Lebanon is on a secret mission, one that requires the cooperation of every Lebanese citizen.

The details of the mission are, well, secret. But trust me, it’s highly interesting and you want to be part of this. You’ll be doing something for your country.

What to do?

Simply click here and sign up with your email address (phone number is optional).

Starting December 19th, you’ll know what you signed up for. You want to be in on this. Consider this as Greenpeace Leaks. Sign up now.