AUB Greenpeace Club Unveils AUB Carpooling

As a former AUB student whose life was turned a living hell because of the transportation to and from uni, I have decided to throw my full support behind this idea, hoping it will be very helpful to someone who’s suffering today like I was a couple of years ago.

To make their plan successful, they will need our help in spreading the word. So go to this link and help them out. Share this post, share the link. Do what you have to do.

You need an AUB email to be able to login and register.

Not only will you be helping fellow students who are not “lucky” enough to have their own car, but you will also be helping in your own way in lessening the traffic around Beirut and that horrible parking situation at AUB’s lower campus.

What I hope this becomes is a national initiative of carpooling. God knows we need it. Good job AUB students. Again.