Plane Crashes in Lagos: Two Lebanese On Board

Is it just me or are we just everywhere? Lebanese people never seem to escape a tragedy.

A plane carrying 153 people plunged into a residential area in Lagos, Nigeria yesterday. All 153 were presumed dead.

Minister of External affairs Adnan Mansour just confirmed that the plane carried two Lebanese, an engineer named Nadine Chidiac and a man named Roger Awad.

The cause of the crash of the Dana Air Boeing MD83 plane was unclear but emergency officials said the cockpit recorder had been located and handed over to police.

May the victims rest in peace.

Crash – Movie Review

Crash is a rare cinematic event. It is a highly undercut movie, in the sense that almost everyone thinks it did not deserve the awards it got. It’s also an underrated movie, in the sense that not many people truly appreciate its genius.

Set over a period of 36 hours in post 9/11 Los Angeles, Crash is literally a snapshot in the lives of a few people that inhabit the city. A racist white cop who disgusts his partner, an African-American TV director and his wife, a Persian store-owner inept with English, a white suburban wife, whose idea of a perfect life is one that doesn’t involve much of the different other, and her DA Husband, two car-jackers, two racially different investigators who happen to be lovers and a Mexican locksmith trying to sustain his wife and daughter.

Crash examines the cultural crash that takes place when all these characters come together. It intelligently examines the fear and bigotry that take place when we don’t understand what the other is dealing with. It shows how everyone is intolerant at points, how no one is immune to violence that, at some points, can change lives drastically.

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