LMFAO Not Coming to Lebanon After All: Cancel Concert

Talk about ultimate weirdness… but the group responsible for this year’s summer dance anthem has canceled their Lebanese concert, according to NRJ, the event organizers.

The cause of the cancellation?

“LMFAO have canceled their event in Lebanon due to threats they received from some fanatical extremist Christians who think their Extremism is the voice of Jesus.
These extremists think that the guy featured in the LMFAO music videos is dressed like Jesus.”

Here’s the broadcast NRJ released announcing the cancellation.

I had no idea such groups existed in Lebanon in the first place. Is anyone else familiar with extreme Christian Lebanese groups? If so, what exactly are their resources to get a death threat all the way to the band?

I’m sarcastically impressed.

NRJ’s statement continues with them wondering if, in the future, Lebanon won’t be able to host eccentric artists like Lady Gaga or Madonna.

And while I’m pretty sure neither would want to come for a concert here, they do have a point…

But I digress. I’m still pretty caught up with the idea of the extreme Christian group sending a threat to LMFAO and them buying it.

I really hope this turns out to be some joke.