Lebanon 3rd on Best Places to Celebrate Easter List


A recent list published by Reuters features Lebanon as the third best place in the world to celebrate Easter. The list was compiled by “Cheapflights” and says Lebanese streets, shops and restaurants are decorated for Easter with chocolate eggs and bunnies. Selling chicks in many shops is common.
Good Friday celebrations where the Stations of the Cross enactment is spoken about. Easter Sunday is described as a big celebration and the “maamoul” sweets are also highlighted.

Easter is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the spirit of it and I’m glad that Easter in my country is apparently distinctive enough. Way to go Lebanon!

The full rankings are as follows:
1 – Argentina
2 – Greece
3 – Lebanon
4 – Scotland
5 – Spain
6 – Sweden
7 – France
8 – Germany
9 – United States
10 – Canada

Jesus Christ’s “Last Supper” Was On A Wednesday?

It apparently looks like it.

According to Cambridge professor Colin Humphreys, the Last Supper took place on April 1st, 33AD, a Wednesday, not a Thursday as is widely celebrated in Christianity.

The event where Jesus passed on the Eucharist is one of the key events of Holy Week.

Professor Humphrey’s study suggests that the events of Good Friday did not actually take place in one day as previously thought but were spread out over both Thursday and Friday. In his book, The Mystery Of The Last Supper, Humphrey uses Biblical, historical and astronomical research to address the inconsistency of the issue at hand.

It seemed to many that the Gospels do not agree on when exactly the event took place. Matthew, Mark and Luke say it took place with the start of Passover, whilst John said it was before Passover.

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Soul Surfer – Movie Trailer

This is the trailer of an upcoming movie titled Soul Surfer. It’s based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton, a champion surfer, who loses her arm because of a shark attack, fighting through her tragedy and getting back on her feet.

The movie stars Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt as Bethany Hamilton’s parents. Bethany is played by newcomer AnnaSophia Robb.

And, my favorite artist, Carrie Underwood makes her acting debut as Sarah Hill, the youth counselor who helps Bethany get by.

The movie is released on April 8th, very close to Easter. Screening has already begun for select Church leaders across the United States, seeing as it looks to be a deep movie about Christian values.

Check it out!