Thank You Egypt

For once in a long, long time, we, Lebanese, are not in the spotlight of the political scene. We took a backseat and observed a revolution in Egypt that managed to get the country’s 30 year-president resigned.

So today, instead of saying “Thank You Qatar” for building a bridge somewhere or a sewage system in a remote village, we say “Thank You Egypt” for building hope inside every person who has ever been oppressed.

In just two weeks and despite the many bumps they faced, Egyptians were able to get the president that ruled them for thirty years to resign. Were they scared? Yes they were. Did they lose lives? 300 of them. Were they injured? In their thousands. But they kept on. They persevered.

This perseverance is letting me breathe today with hope that tomorrow will bring a better day for all of us. I am hoping that this dawn of freedom will shine on all states where oppression is still ruling.  Egypt has even given me hope for change in my own country, Lebanon. The courage the Egyptians have shown has instilled in me faith that I can pull off the same thing over here against those that I fear are trying to silence me, be it with harsh words, weapons or threats.

So today, let me say “thank you Egypt” on behalf of myself and everyone who believes this region deserves better than those who are running it. And let me raise a glass to all the brave men and women who, against all odds, triumphed. Maybe some other countries will follow suit? And yes, I am glaring at a bunch of them now.