New Services from Lebanese Mobile Operators Alfa and MTC

Lebanese people rejoice…

According to Lebanese telecom minister, Charbel Nahhas, Alfa and MTC will be launching their 3G services in 7 months time, for about 900,000 subscribers.

This will allow Lebanese mobile users to get access to speeds in the range of 7 – 21 mbps, which is a huge increase over what’s currently offered, be it through DSL or through mobile data packages.

In addition that, a fiber optic network is being built across the country, to set the path for a drastic improvement in internet speeds for end-users.

No pricing was discussed for 3G services but hopefully they won’t be as expensive as the horrid BlackBerry service currently offered.

Moreover, for those who like their phone number but dislike their operator, apparently you will be able to switch operators and keep your number. Maybe this will help create some competition between operators as they try to keep their subscribers?

Moreover, for prepaid subscribers, three new recharge options will be available soon.

The first package, available late February, will allow you to recharge a value of 30 minutes for 30 days, for $10. The second one available two months later will give you 60 minutes that will last you 30 days, for 25,000LL. And the third package, available in July, will give you 120 minutes of talktime for 48,000LL or $32.

Hopefully this won’t be just political talk and that we’d get more tangible information soon enough. A true broadband experience will do wonders for the Lebanese economy.’