Lebanese Memes: Lebanese First World Problems

We’ve all had that friend – the one who wouldn’t enter a restaurant unless she was present. And if somehow he/she were coerced into entering a place where she doesn’t exist, he/she would make your evening unbearable. He/She’s simply “hook”ed.

This meme has been submitted by Agnes.

Anyone else wondering what those Italian restaurants that offer hookah with your pizza will do when the smoking ban is enforced?

Lebanese Memes: Lebanese First World Problems

Lebanon is definitely not a first world country. But some of our problems are straight out of a first world country, as a byproduct of living beyond our means. This meme was submitted by Rabih and it will be part of a series of Lebanese First World Problems, as part of Lebanese Memes – series within a series: seriesception, I believe you’d call it.

I’ve actually never been to Skybar. And I’m not that interested in going either. Guess my first world problems lie elsewhere.