Johnnie Walker’s Keep Walking Project – Get Involved, Lebanon!

Soon after its ad featuring Nadine Labaki as the main face of the Keep Walking Lebanon campaign, Johnnie Walker has now launched a full fledged campaign called “The Keep Walking Campaign,” which is excellently explained by Nadine Labaki in the following video:

As you can see, there are three projects which you can support. Regardless of your preference, each of these projects is aiming to improve a part of our life in Lebanon which needs support. On the tourism side, I had blogged previously about how tourists need to see a side of Lebanon that goes beyond Beirut. On the business side, companies such as Seeqnce are helping startups get a foothold in the markets they are trying to get into and on the environmental aspect, Greenpeace Lebanon has recently launched a mission to increase awareness for our waters.

So as you can see, the three main projects supported by the Keep Walking project are all an essential part to improving Lebanon as a society: gain awareness for our nature, protect our nature and help our youth market themselves.

The project has five stages. The participants will be rewarded at the end of every stage with the top walkers earning a brand new 16GB iPad 2 and the two runners-up will receiving a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. I know some of you are vying for the runner up slot now. Voting will end on March 3rd, with the results being announced a few days later.

As Nadine said, you can support your favorite project by “walking the steps” for them. The more steps you walk, the higher the chance it gets to be selected as the winner. The steps include sharing videos, talking about the project, supporting it, etc… You can download the project’s iPhone app here or the Facebook app here.

Nadine Labaki asked a very poignant question in her movie. Where do we go now? Well, this is the direction you should take. Help Lebanon one step at a time. It’s not even that difficult. All it takes is the clicks of a few buttons.

Johnnie Walker Lebanon – Keep Walking With Nadine Labaki

If you’re also tired of the Johnnie Walker “Architect” ad that has been airing on our TV sets for the past year, you’d be happy to know they have found a new person to represent the brand in their “Keep Walking Lebanon” ads. And that person is Nadine Labaki.

Fresh off her ingenious movie Where Do We Go Now (read my review), Labaki is at the top of the world. Her movie is Lebanon’s official submission to the Oscars, it has won the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival, has done really well at Cannes, won more awards at other festivals such as Doha, Dubai, Stockholm, etc…. And now she’s the new face of Johnnie Walker in Lebanon, a brand always known for inspirational ads, coming after people like Elie Saab and Bernard Khoury.

One has to ask with all the accolades Labaki is getting lately: where does she go now?

Visit the Keep Walking Lebanon website here. And check out the ad: