Ke$ha Coming to Lebanon… Tomorrow!

What do you know but it looks like the current hotshot pop singer is coming to Lebanon tomorrow night for a concert at Pier 7.

Haven’t heard of this before? I don’t blame you. The news just broke out on twitter and it was relayed to me via BeirutBoy, a Lebanese blogger.

Granted, I don’t even know where Pier 7 is and I’m not really interested in attending the concert. But come on, radio has been bombarding us with the 30 Seconds To Mars concert, which should take place this evening, for over two months now. Same thing with the Shakira concert that took place in May. So why the ridiculously weak marketing? It’s not like 30 Seconds to Mars are more “in” than Ke$ha in today’s music scene.

I mean, everyone complains that she’s being overplayed and yet no one bothers to tell people that she’s coming to sing those overplayed songs that everyone listens to? What’s this stupidity?

So if you’re interested in attending, the concert should start at 10 pm and be done by 12:00 am. A two hour set is enough, in my opinion.

The description of the event is as follows:

If you “wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy”, grab your glasses be at Pier 7’s doors and be ready to hit the City. Saturday 16th of July, American aspiring pop singer and songwriter Ke$ha will perform live at Pier 7. An overwhelming accomplishment in less than one year with debut album and songs hitting number one in the US, Canada and Greece along with over two million albums sold worldwide. Presenting her edgy collection of hard-hitting electro-pop songs and her bold lyrics and attitude, Ke$ha will “Blow” the stage live at Pier 7 on the 16th of July.

You can contact Pier 7 on this cell phone number: 70-697 777.

Link to the event can be found here.