Alt-J Coming To Lebanon This Summer At The Byblos Festival


Your prayers have been answered, indie music Lebanese fans, for this year’s concerts are no longer just about the music you run away from. Rejoice!

Since you, my dearest readers, deserve a bit of happy news every now and then on here, I am leaking your way some major information that was shared my way. Yes, the Byblos Festival will be more than John Legend and The Script. Yes, you don’t need to keep worrying that it’s just too *mainstream* this year.

British band Alt-J will be coming to Lebanon for a concert this summer! It’s confirmed. The date will be announced soon. So for those who were in a state of panic, you can now relax (and get your money ready) because I’m sure this leak will brighten your day.

For those who don’t know them, Alt-J rose to prominence in 2012 with the album “An Awesome Wave.” Their latest offering, This Is All Yours, released in 2014, managed to top the UK albums chart. Their most famous song worldwide is “Tessellate,” which was covered by Ellie Goulding later on.

The song they rose to prominence with, however, is “Breezeblocks” which has clocked so far over 50 million hits on YouTube:

One thing to be said about all of this is kudos to the Byblos Festival for bringing high-profile talents to Lebanon year after year. Along with Alt-J, they are bringing John Legend who had the past year’s biggest hits in “All Of Me” as well as materializing a concert by “The Script” who were long-rumored to be coming.

In making sure that it is always of international caliber, Byblos Festival has consistently been a highlight of every summer we’ve had in Lebanon. And with all of this to the backdrop of arguably the country’s most touristic city, Jbeil, it becomes something you can’t not be proud of.

My hat goes off to all the effort that goes into making this successful and news-worthy every single year.


August 18th’s the date.

Alt-J Lebanon August 18

Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Sex Scene Video Leaked

Since I have a twihard following, I figured they’d be interested in seeing this. Everyone else, don’t mind this post.

After pictures from Breaking Dawn’s Sex Scene (and only scene I’m interested in watching for that matter) leaked back in April, a video of a few seconds from that scene has leaked today as well.

I’m beginning to believe these are intentional leaks to build the hype for the movie as viewers are probably waiting the most to see Bella and Edward hit it off.

You can see the video here.

[EDIT] I was asked to remove the pictures.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Sex Scene Pictures & Video Leaked

The newly “released” set of pictures, featured in People Magazine, can be found here.

The newly leaked video from the sex scene can be found here.

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For the twihards who are interested in this, two pictures have surfaced of the sex scene (yes, they actually do it) in Breaking Dawn.

This is probably the most exciting part of the whole movie as the book royally sucked and I’m glad they actually decided to show the characters doing something, unlike Stephenie Meyer’s near Victorian-esque approach to the issue: yeah, they did it, you’re just not allowed to know how it happened.

This leak follows yet another picture leak, posted earlier, of the same scene.

[EDIT]: I have been asked to take down the pictures. If you still want to see them, let me know in a comment.