Lebanese Slang

Take a moment and ponder on the phrase: “shi tik-tik shi ti3a.” I’m sure – or at least I hope – the expression makes sense to all Lebanese out there. Ask anyone else and they’d stare at you as if you spoke Gibberish, which that sentence may as well be.

The Lebanese dialect, which – in my very biased opinion – is the most beautiful Arabic dialect out there, is filled with these slang expressions that only make sense to us.

The thing about those slang expressions is that you never give them a second thought until you see them listed and explained for those who don’t speak your dialect. Other expressions include:

  • De2 el may, may
  • Jeet w Allah jeibak
  • Ghechech w mecheh
  • Metel neswein el feren
  • Those aren’t the best ones. Check out the interesting and hilarious full Iist here.